USC Morning Buzz: Friday Notes

  • Expect Clay Helton to declare spring football a success after tomorrow’s final practice, which is not a scrimmage.
  • But the quarterbacks did not surprise anyone and the offensive line remains a question. There were times when the running game dominated the defense.
  • So the defense, which is supposed to be great, got dominated at times by a running game that didn’t even feature Stephen Carr?
  • I remain unconvinced the defense will be a vintage unit next season.
  • I’m willing to believe USC will be one of the better basketball teams in the Pac-12 next season, with a couple caveats: The Trojans will be much more normal at point guard with Derryck Thornton replacing Jordan McLaughlin.
  • And it depends on how serious Bennie Boatwright’s knee injury really is?
  • If you are one of those fans who think Tony Bland’s coaching was missed, do you think new assistant Eric Mobley, who has never been a college coach, will make an impact?
  • Speaking of Bland, I hear he is currently working for a non-profit human and social services organization in Los Angeles.
  • USC linebacker Cameron Smith said he feels comfortable with 20-21 players on the defense. That means a lot more depth. But will defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast play them?
  • Pendergast has demonstrated the past two years he does not like substitute a lot. So it remains to be seen if USC will play more people on defense.
  • USC graduate/superfan Will Ferrell was involved in a car accident Thursday night in Orange County. He was released and did not suffer significant injury.

12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Friday Notes

  1. Fellow fans, feel free to criticize Scott’s reservations concerning the Trojan defense —-but the sad truth remains that we won’t know anything about USC’s front seven (or defensive backs either) until the Stanford game (look at the o-line and quarterbacks they’ve been up against all spring). (But) If we contain Costello & Bryce Love At Palo Alto in September, our defense really IS bad news and the sky’s the limit.


  2. Spring has not been the harbinger of future expectations since before the Kiffer was coach. It is easier to predict that the sky will fall and be wrong, than it is to predict a bumper crop of roses and look stupid. Scott is not alone in his reservation with this team. And he will be happy to see the predictions turn out to be wrong. However at this time I can only predict that the team I watch will be wearing Cardinal and Gold.

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      1. How’s it going partner, miss you guys. USC shop-talk just isn’t the same anymore. On paper, we should stop Stanford. But injuries and poor coaching could derail a good thing

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    1. Hey Gabby! I get what you’re saying about things not being the same —-but give the old gang time. This site reminds me of the first week of high school —-when all the junior high wiseguys were hesitant to go back to their old ways (for about two months —-then all hell broke out all over again)!
      I totally agree, by the way, that coaching and injuries could mess us up this year. It’s not that we don’t have talent behind Cam Smith or Porter Gustin, it’s that we can’t afford to lose their leadership on the field when we’ll have a brand new quarterback leading the way on offense.
      And, then, there’s the coaching on offense…….


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