Another USC Donor In The News

You know about the medical school scandal. And the health center scandal. And Cinema School rejecting a $5 million donation from Harvey Weinstein.

Let’s remember that CBS CEO Les Moonves, recently accused of sexual misconduct by six women, has his name on the 20,000-square foot media center at the Wallis Annenberg Center.

His wife, Julie Chen, and CBS also have their name on the center.

6 thoughts on “Another USC Donor In The News

  1. Only in this era of who did what to whom do we find an accusation tantamount to guilt. With big money following these these cases when will we see an end? The thing is the stories are unproven and usually one sided. Once an accusation is made the me too machine cranks up and the next thing you know Gloria is All red in the face on TV . The newspapers of today are not much more than the tabloids of yesterday. It’s smart first check for accuracy later.


    1. Doubt anything happens to Moonves….he runs CBS. I’d say the allegations are far more credible than most but I doubt anything happens here – look at the way the left is lining up to protect that monster Gunn.


  2. USC has trouble with wealthy sex perverts, not all of them MD’s, right up to the time that these guys fork over a few million for a building.


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