USC Sunday Buzz

USC’s loss to Texas is not looking as bad as a few weeks ago after the Longhorns defeated TCU and Oklahoma.

But the Trojans’ loss to Stanford is not holding up at all. USC scored 3 points against a defense that surrendered 109 the past three weeks. What does that say about Clay Helton and Tee Martin?

Meanwhile, Colorado comes to the Coliseum with a 5-0 record. The Buffaloes still haven’t played a good team but since USC isn’t really a good team this could be a competitive game.

It’s a night game and again, what will be the motivation for average USC fans to attend? To see how many penalties the Trojans can commit?

One more thing: UCLA is 0-5 but getting better. That is starting to look like a potentially tough game in November.

12 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz

  1. Uncle will always be competitive when they play USC that’s the incentive to go to Ucla. I don’t care if they don’t win a single game this season we still need to be better than we have been.


  2. According to the UDUB blogs. Kelly’s uptempo offense wore down the Dawg D by the mid 3rd quarter, and it showed. UCLA’s offense moved the ball with relative ease in the second half. And yes, UCLA is improving on both sides of the ball and won’t be a pushover against USC regardless of their record. It will be embarrassing if the only thing the gutty little Bruins have to show for the 2018 season is a lone victory over the Trojans. Bottom line: unlike CH, Kelly is the real deal.


  3. Everything you mentioned ‘wolfie’ are true….should not be a shock if CO pulls a victory out against USC esp. if Daniels can’t get more velocity out of his arm on long passes. And yes bel-air tech is getting better darn good effort by them Saturday evening noticed the attendance out at the Rose Bowl was hard to figure out but boy those cameras sure didn’t wiggle any up into the stands.


    1. It’s called “Sawtelle State”. Ucla has nothing in common with Bel Air. BTW, attendance was announced as 52,000 – half of that being UW fans and high school bands.


  4. They should have handled Stanford and the south with relative ease. Now the commie sucking bums of westyweird are improving while sc regresses. Maybe one more win for SC against Oregon st, but don’t bet on it


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