A Legal Victory (Of Sorts) For Todd McNair

Judge Frederick Shaller ruled that the NCAA violated California state law when it imposed a show-cause penalty against former USC assistant Todd McNair.

The decision would prevent the NCAA from imposing show-cause penalties in California. McNair had a one-year show cause penalty that prevented him from recrutiing when the NCAA handed down sanctions against USC.

That meant a school would have to appear before an NCAA committee to “show cause” why McNair would not face a similar punishment at a new school.

The legal victory probably won’t make McNair feel much better since he lost his defamation trial in the summer.

7 thoughts on “A Legal Victory (Of Sorts) For Todd McNair

  1. The full article says the judge kicked Larry Scott to the curb as irrelevant because he warned the judge the Cali schools would not able to stay in the NCAA if the law forbids the show cause penalty.
    Personally I think that would be great the chance to rid ourselves of corrupt biased system designed to punish before uplifting. A system that using modern sensibility to work the rules for the benefit of the athletes.


  2. Guys,

    I am sorry but I don’t understand what this about. Can someone explain to me in laymen’s terms on what is going on. Thank you.


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