My USC-Colorado Pick

Does it ever get easy to pick a USC game?

The Trojans are sloppy and not gettting better. That makes them predictable and is helpful for picking games.

But then you remember they play in the Pac-12 South. Colorado is undefeated. But its opponents are 4-19 overall. Who have the Buffaloes beaten? Nebraska? Arizona State? New Hampshire?

If Clay Helton is good at one thing, it is being a bottom feeder. USC is 29-2 when it is oddsmakers’ favorite.

USC middle linebacker Cameron Smith might not play today but I don’t think it’s a huge deal. He is a mainstay but he is also a solid-but-not-spectacular linebacker.

If USC played in the SEC or Big 12 or Big Ten, I might take the other team. But against a Pac-12 South opponent, I need to take the Trojans.

Score: USC 27, Colorado 24.

14 thoughts on “My USC-Colorado Pick

  1. SCooter, ur reading my comments. I said sc is undiscplined and offense is anemic but sc will win because of talent. I said sc 28-24


  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…USC wins on talent alone. Can anyone recall the last time the Trojans won a game where the offensive play calling by Helton/Martin was the clear cut determining factor in the win?

    I doubt that has ever happened.


  3. The common denominator of SC’s poor discipline, play calling and overall apathy to play to their opponents level is Clay Helton and his coaching staff decisions. He was a coach under both Kiffin and Sarkisian which Helton’s teams mirror. Orgeron should have been coach. He is tough. Just look a LSU now! Helton is soft and cannot even face the truth or much less admit this in his press conferences. Every week it’s the same story. “We’re gonna work on this, gonna work on that” If this were the corporate world. Helton would have been shown the door last year. Take your contract and money and leave. The boosters are rumbling behind closed doors. Helton is a nice guy, he wants to be everybody’s buddy…but that’s the problem.


    1. Mein Herr, I doubt anyone thought Orgeron was a good pick even you – he had come off a disastrous stint at MS …. he was humbled getting sent to the desert by ‘capper’ and finally asked himself why he didn’t get the job.

      He realized what he needed and got was what that lard @$$ Kelly at ‘the princess’ realized – a credible coaching staff….good luck and fortune to Coach Ed – right now all I want is this sack of excrement Helton gone.

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  4. Get rid of ‘Claytonska Chevrolet’ and his bunkmate ‘Swanee’…the gift that ‘capper’ gave all and it keeps on giving….hey ‘capper’…bet you voted for Hillary huh? Yeah baby you gutless ‘he/she’ you did white-left aka another ‘white bread’ lib-tard…..


  5. LOL @ Helton and Martin’s pathetic predictable offensive play calling. You can clearly see that Trojan players have not bought into it. None of the Trojans look inspired running it. What a joke…and remember now, this is figurehead Lynn Swann’s baby.


  6. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what this is that Lynn Swann is trying to sell, but it sure as hell isn’t USC football. Helton and Co. having to rely on refs to call pass interference in hopes of moving the ball down field is just downright embarrassing.

    Good Gawd…when is this nightmare going to end? It’s just ridiculous that this nonsense continues week in and week out.


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