Lynn Swann Sounds Clueless

USC athletic director Lynn Swann appeared on “Trojans Live” radio show tonight and spoke about Clay Helton and the struggling football program.

“I think this program is in good shape,” Swann said, sounding utterly out of touch. “This may not be the best season.”

More from Swann: “You don’t get in the hunt for the biggest prizes overnight. But the reality is it takes time and it’s a process.”

And then there was this gem: “I have confidence in Clay.”

14 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Sounds Clueless

  1. You have a large buyout and will have to pay for a much larger head coach and assistant package to come in and take over. Helton gets one more year.


  2. If anyone would know what ‘clueless’ sounds like, it would be Scott….
    He’s an expert at sounding clueless every time he opens his trap. I mean, how could you try to know anything about something you have no access to?


      1. Come on Jake… er, I mean Scott. Hope everyone knows it’s you. Even in the conversations I’ve had with you in person Scott, that’s your go to line when you don’t like the answer “Give it a rest”.

        Are we a little sensitive to the truth Scottie boy?

        What’s there to give a rest to? the truth that you aren’t allowed any access to the team whatsoever and you rely on former players, invented ‘former coaches’ and ‘other college coaches’, and your other ‘sources’ for information that can never be validated?

        How about this, I’ll give it a rest, when you can provide a complaint, negative thought, or argument with a real source or some sort of actual journalistic validation? Until then, your writing and sorry ass opinions will continue to be challenged here because you need to be called out for the fraud that you are.


    1. Are you then defending what Swann said in his interview? Ridiculous. Focus on the comments made by Swann, not on the messenger. Swann is completely over his head, just like his head football coach. Incompetents, both of them.

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      1. Actually just letting people do their jobs. I find it ridiculously funny that people behind a keyboard are experts on how to run an athletic department and football program.
        Not one person on here actually knows anything about running either. They sit back and react to wins & losses, and their perception of what goes into the decision making processes is far off base. Everybody is so quick to want to fire someone instead of letting them do their job. Half the people on here haven’t even put on a set of pads, especially slimy little Scotty.
        I’m just stating the obvious, that maybe Scott should actually do some research, be a journalist, try to find out what actually goes into the process, what goes into the game planning, what goes into the development, rather than being so quick to judge based on his criteria, which has no actual foundation of truth.
        Just tired of everyone being so negative towards the supposed school they want to root for. Be a fan, support decisions, support the student-athletes that put in the work, don’t be a monday morning quarterback and talk about something you’ve never done.


  3. How many AD’s have said the same thing, only to fire a guy at the end of the season? You don’t say you don’t have confidence in him in the middle of the season — that would be dumb.


  4. “We were in every one of those games….well, not Texas…or Stanford….and Utah beat us down pretty good too. Still, we were close to attaining our goal of winning that vaunted division, the Pac 12 South. It was a three horse race until the end of October.”

    Lynn Swann


  5. OK, as expected, Swann won’t make a coaching change before the end of the season. But these remaining games will determine the fate of Helton for next season depending on how competitive the team will be against the two rivals, a very good Cal team, and this week’s opponent OSU. Yes, he may be trying really hard to have confidence in Helton at the moment, but there may not be enough of it left after seeing the team get slaughtered by Notre Dame and, heaven forbid, lose to SUCLA SUCCers next month, which is probably why he didn’t solidify Helton’s future beyond this season today.

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  6. When someone says that they have confidence in someone, that usually means the plug will be pulled on that person.


  7. Pat Haden said he supported Lane Kiffin 150 %. We see where that got both of them. Swann supporting Helton ? Big mistake. Gomer needs to go (and I’m speaking of Helton). Swann needs to go too. Is it not obvious to everyone that Swann doesn’t know what he is doing ? USC is not “competitive” under Swann’s direction. The football program is a mess, the ticket situation is a mess, the university is being sued for (at least) $215 million dollars over sexual assault by its doctor in the health center, the medical school dean was partying in Pasadena with thinks and drugs, the Social Work department is scandalized with Mark Ridley Thomas’s kid’s antics and payments. Jeez, when did my university fall apart at the seams ? The Board of Trustees needs to be cleared of all these complicit people who allowed Nikias to ruin our school.


    1. The University already settled for $215MM dollars about three weeks ago, so that money is already out the door, but at least an ongoing lawsuit is in the rear view mirror.


      1. No it is not – there are an undisclosed number of plaintiffs suing USC per Tyndall. They are not part of that trolling net USC threw out per the $240 million.

        I wish it were so but this payout has not seen the end yet.


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