Clancy Pendergast Controls Defensive Hires

Austin Clark, who was a USC graduate assistant in 2017 and spent this past season at Illinois as defensive line coach, could replace Kenechi Udeze as USC’s new defensive line coach according to

What a revealing piece of news. This means Clancy Pendergast is in charge of hiring defensive coaches. He didn’t want Clark to leave last year and tried to keep him. And he knows Clark will defer to him. It’s not like hiring an Ed Orgeron, who is going to coach his way and maybe question things when they go sideways.

Pendergast (and Clay Helton) prefer yes men.

With Kliff Kingsbury reportedly on campus today, the offense might a revamp. But the defense looks status quo with Pendergast hiring his boys. Great!

8 thoughts on “Clancy Pendergast Controls Defensive Hires

  1. I’m speechless. There’s no word to describe how this all looks. Helton is letting the guy that has helped him get to this point which is most likely a season from being fired to make hires. “Go ahead hire who you want”
    . Says Helton.


  2. Even though Clancy was taken to the woodshed by the opponent’s OC in every game after halftime and many a times before the break, I want to be optimistic ( mostly because of maturing personnel) about the D. Honestly, it can’t get worse and there is talent there.


  3. If Kliff’s hire is legit, I wouldn’t worry about Clancy.

    Strength and Conditioning are now paramount.

    Remember, we were missing a starting linebacker (or two) in every game this season, sometimes our best linebackers.


  4. I’m surprised Clay Helton didn’t hire his Pastor for the offensive coordinator, or defensive line position, what’s gotten into him ?


  5. it’s incredible that Helton is still the HC. Just behind that is the terrible performance of the defense (does Pendergast deserve a job)… Heck, I remember when defense used to win games…and was feared. But this all goes down to Swan, who needs to go back to doing side line commentary…because he is a dreadful AD. Maybe everything will break right for SC, and they can become a 6-6 team and get bowl eligible for Las Vegas… likelihood = 35% and dropping…


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