USC Picture Of The Night

Football attendance averaged 55,449, the lowest since 1987. But at least there is a huge crowd for tonight’s basketball game vs. Long Beach State.

13 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

  1. What’s the matter with the CSULB fans?? Don’t they travel??!!

    #Sanctions #Scholarshipreduction #ClayHelton #LynnSwann etc….


  2. well, when you start off losing to decent teams the enthusiasm is going to wane…even if it was mostly due to injuries limiting half the scholarship players from practicing…if they get with it at some point stifled football fans will support them…perhaps, the potential is surely there.


  3. First off, nobody cares about USC basketball unless they happen to get into the tournament. And as far as football goes, if they play well, and win, then the fans will come out, that’s how it works in sports, but the arrogant athletic administration thinks the fans should show up regardless, just because it’s SC …. lol 😂


  4. SCooter, the photo was taken before the game and no one was in their seats. You can tell this by the players warming up and by the time clock on the basket. What a bonehead.

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      1. Just Owns,

        You are more than welcome. Hear to help the handicap. With you liking ugly, you are in that category.


  5. JO,
    Try to be gracious. PT is using a voice activated phone & the AI(artificial intelligence for those from UC Los Angeles) makes mistakes.


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