Wasn’t That A Great Rose Bowl?

Did anyone punish themselves and watch the whole game? Don’t let that score fool you, either.

The Pac-12 went 3-4 in bowl games. I’m sure someone will find a positive in that after going 1-8 last year. Luckily those three victories were by a combined 4 points.

18 thoughts on “Wasn’t That A Great Rose Bowl?

  1. The Pac12 idps losing ground. I give Washington credit in their recruiting classes are in the 20# not the top 5 like USC . Petersen does a good job with his talent


  2. Looks like somebody (Hello Scottie) didn’t watch til the end before submitting his “hot take.” That was quite an ending….


  3. Everybody knows the PAC 12 tens recruits like it’s a flag football league, that’s why they get beat down when they play out of conference. USC use to be the priemier school to go to for monster lineman, but between Steve Sarkisian, and Clay Helton, they turned the Trojans into a BYU team of the 70’s . Helton clearly doesn’t have a clue on how to build a championship team, but since Lynn “the idiot” Swann said the programs in “Great Shape “, Helton actually thinks he’s making progress 😂😂😂

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    1. Fred:

      Just saw that Athlon’s put out their earliest projected top 25 for next year. Of course it’s hyperbole, of course it will contain huge misses, of course it doesn’t account for coaching staff changes, players entering the draft early, or end of recruiting cycle…but it’s still likely to be not that far off of the views that will continue to cycle until the start of next season…USC? unranked…and the author is even assuming that the new OC stays…seems to have provided HellSwannton with its next round of excuses: need to rebuild the lines and defense…after disastrous start, can you hear it now? “I can’t wait to see what this team is like in No…” Someone makes it stop!


  4. The Pac 12 is in ‘free fall’ and until USC steps back into the national discussion this is the fate of the Pac 12. Petersen looked no different than UT Willingham until the 4th qtr with 6+ minutes to go. Until then browning couldn’t complete any passes. OH St.’s starters both O and D were kept out and hurriedly brought back in when just before WA hit it on their last successful TD closing the gap to 5 points.

    There was little of any coaching prowess by Petersen until those final 6 minutes. he didn’t look any better than the rest of the conference’s coaches save WA defeated UT for the Rose Bowl. It was obvious WA linemen were nowhere near the size of skillset as the Buckeyes and that’s on Petersen. OR is the program that is on the rise – WA will not be there next year based on what was seen today.

    The real question is will the Big 12 or another conference offer UCF a slot to join and what now for Notre Dame? A lot of programs have been waiting a long time to stick it to them and their self-entitlement. No way, regardless of how many they win next year, will they be considered for any major bowl based on what Clemson did to them nor should they….they either join a conference and fast or fade …. Even the NYY resurrected themselves from their own 18 yrs. graveyard of mediocrity from 1978 – 1996. 30 years is a long time for anyone to remember.

    As bad as USC is and as of 1st January it truly is….Notre Dame is in far worse shape that is the best Kelley can do and AD Swarbrick knows it.

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    1. Kelly is now being wooed by the Tampa bay buccaneers and he’ll be offered a ton of money to go. The only drawback would be Jamies Winston who’s option the team plans to plans to exercise.


  5. I didn’t mind watching the game. I haven’t been watching bowl games and this game sums up why. Washington appeared overmatched for most of the game. But when they clicked and finally started coming together they made a game of it. They were an onside kick away from closing with a miracle finish. What they showed was the mentality we lack, the game isn’t over until the last click on the clock. USC has been done at half time for over a year and until we play a form of four quarter football we will be less than a winning team.


  6. looked like last years cotton bowl for 3 quarters… Washington did not have a Sam at q/b, or it may have been a good game.


    1. It was a mirror image of last year’s game with a slightly better-coached team than USC was but bluntly Peterson didn’t look much better than Helton did … Yesterday is the best Peterson will ever be and that isn’t saying too much. OR is poised to rise quickly under Cristobal.

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  7. I don’t know Hal – he knows how to mold a solid defense which is so unlike what Pac-12 schools have done since PC left…..OR is primed to rise fast esp if they get a solid OC.


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