If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

One thing I try to do is give readers an idea of what is happening at USC from the inside.
So I will recount a conversation I had with an administrator this week about what ails the football program.
“There is no real fear factor,” the administrator said. “The players think they can do whatever they want because they have gotten away with it the past three years. Will it change? We haven’t seen an indication yet.”
What does this mean exactly?
If you just watch USC on TV, you saw cornerback Isaiah Langley go after quarterback JT Daniels during a game, which was unusual. But there are plenty of other things that do not get captured on TV.
  • A player refused to play against Notre Dame after being upset he was not starting. I’ve not heard yet of any punishment.
  • Last year, two players got into a fight in the locker room after a Cotton Bowl practice. Neither was punished.
  • At the UCLA game, a coach admonished a player for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The player responded by threatening to punch the coach.
  • At the Utah game, players used profanity toward a staff member who wanted them to cheer for their teammates.
I could go on with more examples. The point is it is hard to tell who runs the program.
  • USC’s recruiting class should get a boost Saturday when wide receivers Bru McCoy and Kyle Ford announce their commitments. But they are wide receivers. If there is a position that can live without major additions it is wide receiver.
  • I’ve heard rumors tailback Stephen Carr will go through spring practice and then consider his options. Would you blame him? A tailback in an Air Raid offense could give anyone reason to be skeptical.
  • This might surprise some but former USC guard De’Anthony Melton has started the past 14 games at point guard for the Phoenix Suns. Melton always fascinated NBA teams but his stock was hurt by not playing last season as USC held him out during the federal investigation scandal.

But Melton’s been a pleasant surprise for the Suns, who traded for him in August after the Houston Rockets drafted him.

  • Meanwhile, former USC forward Chimezie Metu, who wouldn’t even play in the NIT for USC last season, is currently in the G League playing for the San Antonio Spurs team in Austin, Texas.

It’s been a rough time for USC football players from the late 80’s-early 90’s, as several of their teammates have passed away. Three members died since 2014: defensive end David Webb (89-92), linebacker Matt Gee (88-91) and linebacker Scott Ross (87-90). In addition, wide receiver John Jackson (86-89) is currently in the hospital after suffering a stroke.

Did you happen to see “Spartacus” was on TV Thursday night. This reminded me that former USC football player/assistant coach Marv Goux, who had an uncredited role in the film as a “trainer.”


16 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Football programs at the collegiate level must have discipline incorporated at every facet. Anything short of that will lead to problems inevitably. Playing college football is a privilege and not a right in my humble opinion. The players get the directives from the coaches and not vice-versa. The leadership issues exist because the head coach has not developed a culture with the players to be cohesive and not contrarian. And since there is so much discourse because of that, amongst other things, Helton should be given his”walking papers”.
    If these leadership issues continue with SC’s football program, then my projection will be that our institution of higher education, known to have a solid team in college football, will falter and go down in infamy.


  2. There is a lot of meat in today’s blog, so where to begin? First I guess the basketball issues…But wait, I don’t care about basketball I’m not from Ucla.
    Next the Stephen Carr rumor, at the end of last season he was limping along without much playing time. He was injured and hadn’t shown much spark all season, does he think that will really generate interest elsewhere?
    The football discipline issues are a direct result of the school culture and the positive reinforcement movement. A student threatens the coach? Old school he’s done for the season. New positive school he’s told go count to ten and we’ll discuss it. Langley was correct going after Daniels he was mad because Daniels was not eight feet tall. And Toa was a team captain who was trying out for long snapper in the NFL in that play, if Daniels had been taller the play might have been different.
    And finally, the advertisement for being a barefoot writer after the post? I know Scott doesn’t control the ads but it was funny to have such an ad placed on a professional journalist’s page where all of us wannabe writers place our daily prose. Maybe I’ll look them up, after all I am wearing slippers and becoming barefoot is not that hard.


    1. Your BB excuse “…I’m not from Ucla,” sounds like a typical bozo excuse.

      Steve old man, let’s be honest, isn’t the real reason you don’t care about bozo BB is the Andyain’twinning BB program SUCCX?


      1. What team does NOT have a coach? Funny how a weirdo likes you gets his rocks off on competitors site. Especially a guy/gal from Cerritos JC.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh you are partially correct, my real reason for not liking basketball is that the court barely has room for a decent marching band halftime show. I teach band and my kids know I am a Trojan honk. But when they come to me and say they’re going to Ucla I tell them it great because they have a great music program. The thing is they view football as a warm-up for the field show. I know kids who can play four different instruments in two different clefs but think a quarterback is change from the ice cream truck.I
        I haven’t watched basketball since Magic Johnson left the Lakers.


  3. Why in the world, as a journalist, do you not NAME the kid who refused to go in against Notre Dame? Why would you keep that to yourself? That kid is worthy of scorn. Why protect him, Mr. InsideUSC? that’s nuts.

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    1. If JT did such a thing, Scott would out him almost as quick as he downs two fingers of “Old Grand-dad”, well maybe four fingers.
      Journalistic integrity the likes we’ve not seen since the ole Soviet Bloc days….hahaha


    2. LR is right – it all hearkens back to Kareem Kelly telling Hackett to suck his D. It took Pete a year to straighten out that mess. IDK that this coach has it in him to start disciplining insubordinates.


  4. Yes, Who is the player that refused to go in because he wasn’t starting. I can’t believe you don’t give a name. Typical modern day athlete. You don’t start, you should be chomping at the bit to go in and prove to the coaches that you should be starting! Let’s be honest TEDDY BEAR basketball sucks!! LOL


  5. Come on Wolf.. Who was the player refusing to play v ND? I’m hearing it was Edoga!! Come clean Wolf, there are no loyalties to any player identity in an “Inside” column..


  6. Ms. Linkster say:

    “What team does NOT have a coach? Funny how a weirdo likes you gets his rocks off on competitors site. Especially a guy/gal from Cerritos JC.”

    UCLA has an interim coach Ms. Linkster; bozo u is saddled with, “I didn’t know squat,” Andyain’twinning. Didn’t one of Andrew’s 2018 4 star recruits just bail/transfer in mid-season?

    As for getting the rocks off Ms. Linkster, you need to contact Dr. Geo. Tyndall, full-time pervert and former SUCCX gynecologist. I’m sure Dr. Tyndall would be happy to arrange a free “Sticky Fingers” examination – tickle, tickle, tickle.


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