USC Morning Buzz: Announcement Saturday

The All-American Bowl is at 10 a.m. (PT) today, which means some people will finally make their college choices:

Wide receiver Bru McCoy is expected to pick USC over Texas.

Wide receiver Kyle Ford should pick USC.

Wide receiver Puka Nacua is committed to USC but must officially announce between the Trojans and Utah.

Cornerback Chris Steele is expected to announce for Florida.

So USC, which doesn’t have a crying need for wide receivers, should get more. And it desperately needs cornerbacks but will probably lose the one who had previously committed to the Trojans.

26 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Announcement Saturday

  1. Like any other year under Clay Helton, wide receiver is always the top priority, it’s all about the finesse, flag football league with Clueless, Bozo Helton. Coaches like Nick Sabin are constantly looking for players to control the line of scrimmage, which is why he wins national championships . But I’m sure Bozo Helton’s philosophy is much more effective 😂😂

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  2. Great head coaches understand “balance” and “depth” on a squad. Pete Carroll was very good with selecting starters and good backup players to replace them in the event of injury. He was worth the multi-million dollar salary he earned while at SC. Helton, on the other hand, has demonstrated incompetence in terms of selecting starters with exceptional talent and creating depth with other players for the team. Thus, the salary he’s getting from SC isn’t commensurate with his leadership in terms of building a winning and balanced team; and he should be asked to resign.
    In 2018, SC had an unbalanced team and faltered miserably with a lackluster and losing season. And finally, it doesn’t appear that the college coaches, AP, and CFP committee will rank SC in the top ten or even the top 100 college football teams in America. When is this going to change? I get depressed just thinking about it…


  3. Wow, get off the CB obsession. We got the same number as Alabama and Clemson. Know what happens when you have to many? They transfer because they don’t have enough playing time. Playing time is the number one necessity for development. And don’t cry about quality. There are plenty of stars behind those names. Stick to ragging on coaching.

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  4. You got half the recruiting problem correct. Way to many receivers. Dominant offensive linemen coupled with top notch quarterbacks win championships at all levels.


  5. I don’t know how to edit a posted comment so I would like to clarify I agree with Hal and my comment was directed at Wolf.


  6. The simple formula for a championship calibre team is outstanding players coupled with very efficient, astute, inspirational, and competitive coaches. What is wrong with the college football picture at SC? My response to that query is that SC’s football squad is emeshed in a quagmire because there is an apparent absence of the above-mentioned. You don’t have to align with my thinking; and if you don’t, please tell me what formula the SC football squad should adopt and utilize going into the 2019 season…

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      1. Yup, USC finally firmly planted their balls on the table and denied the NFL. About time. Flow must have slept in today and missed this one…


      2. I just saw Puka make a nice play along the sideline and Greg Jackson get a sack. WRs and WBs are going to flock to this offense.

        Love to see USC play hardball for a change. The university is just beset and it would be tragic to allow a pro team to poach him. USC next needs to start playing hardball with the conference. I don’t think I saw Wolf mention it, but the PAC 12 is offering a 10% equity stake to private partners. They are trying to find revenue by other means because they are not able to compete on even terms with the other conferences. USC has a ton of leverage right now and if they threatened to put the Bruin in the car carrier and blow this joint, they could have anything. Really though, they should be thinking about blowing the joint.

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      3. Puka was national offensive player of the year as voted by a couple different organizations. Guy is tough. And Pola-Gates is another to covet and will commit at the Poly Bowl with the four star guard out of Hawaii… Noa was a bama target who is trending to SC again. This class now moves up to #13 with more to come!!


  7. I must be dreaming, how does a 5 – 7 bozo FB team, with huge fan support issues, have leverage over the Pac-12 conf.?

    Clown U isn’t that foolish to go FB independent – they’d have too much to lose and little to gain. I mean why would the Pac-12 allow the bozos to compete in Conf. non-FB NCAA sports.

    Mr. Russell, a bird in hand, is worth two in the bush.


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