Some USC Player Updates

USC guard Jordan Usher has transferred to Georgia Tech. Usher left the basketball team on New Year’s Eve.

Now, you probably heard USC defensive lineman Oluwole Betiku will transfer and be eligible at another school next season. He sat out last season with a hip injury.

But before that, he could not get on to the field. He is a classic example of a player who did not develop at USC. Some ranked him as a five-star prospect.

What’s amazing is that in 2016, USC supposedly did a great job getting defensive linemen Betiku and Connor Murphy. Neither can get on the field.

Here’s a look at some of the 2016 class:

TE Cary Angeline – transferred

LB/DE Oluwole Betiku – transferred

S Jamel Cook – transferred

CB Jack Jones – dismissed

OT E.J. Price – transferred

OT Nathan Smith – retired

7 thoughts on “Some USC Player Updates

  1. The oc and dc call the shots on who is playing, I hope. but, knowing the situation with daniels, not the best players are on the field.


  2. Notwithstanding the fact the collegiate football season is now officially over, it would be interesting to know how many talented prospects selected other schools over SC during the recruitment timeframe. Having a large number of much-needed prospects not be recruited to a team in ruins, coupled with the departure of starred prospects recruited several years ago for whatever reason, spells major trouble when it comes to rebuilding a team and creating depth; and will make it much more difficult to capture the PAC-12 conference, not to mention being a viable contender for the national crown. And, I will end on a dismal note. When Helton had Darnold as designated QB, he was braggadocios about being competitive and possibly beating Bama during the regular season several years ago. As you know, the final score was a lopsided 56-3. If the SC team was supposed to strong during that time and lost miserably by over 50 points, imagine what the scores are going to be like for the 2019 season? If SC gets spanked by teams (especially Stanfurd-deliberately misspelled and the Bruins) by over 50 points, then Swann and Helton should be asked not only to resign, but retire as well…


  3. Under Clay Helton a players talent and ability will not get him playing time on the field, but a players ability to ass kiss Helton and Pendergast will definitely garner him game time experience. USC football has been reduced to a joke under Nikias, Haden, Swann and Helton.


  4. Jack Jones being too dumb to make grades was a gift. He solidified that fact when he became a felon, fortunately after being booted from school.


  5. and don’t look now but 3 of our highly recruited players HAVE NOT signed their LOI. I can’t imagine Ford signs with no OC on staff and 200 other WRs already on the roster.


  6. I love College football, but as I grow older I can’t imagine trying to get a bunch of 18 to 22 year olds to stay in line, develop as players, and stay out of trouble. The teacher in me wants all of the guys on the list to improve their lives and situations going forward, Some things are bigger than football.


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