What About Bob Stoops?

Did you see the news about Bob Stoops?

He was named coach and GM of the new Dallas franchise of the XFL, which debuts in 2020.

So Stoops wants to coach again. If USC cannot land Urban Meyer, it looks like Stoops is available.

Either would be a massive improvement and require Lynn Swann to pay more than USC has been willing to pay since Pete Carroll left.

9 thoughts on “What About Bob Stoops?

  1. He won 80 percent of his games at OK. Why would he pick a job like this, when he could easily get hired at many top NCAA programs? He must have received an outrageous salary from McMahon. Does anybody think the XFL will succeed?

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  2. I suspect because of all the litigation surrounding the various scandals involving SC, there will be mega millions doled out in the near and distant future to fix and bring things back to normalcy. That said, I don’t believe that SC has ever had any fiscal concerns and/or issues relative to paying a top shelf coach to bring prominence back to a football program used to having it. Since you get what you pay for, a top shelf prospect will be exorbitant simply because the contract will typically be at least five (5) years, and there will more than likely a buyout clause incorporated. It’s always a gamble when you hire someone you want to deliver results. And when things don’t go as expected, you are stuck with an exorbitant buyout and back to shelling out big bucks for another coach. It’s a damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, or you can’t win for losing scenario.
    So if the youngblood Harrell kicks some ass as SC’s new OC and brings us back to the promised land, will he be the one that is brought in as the new HC? And, if that’s the case, will he be offered a two (2) year deal to prove he’s the real deal prior to a long five (5) year deal is extended? The possibilities are numerous and all we can do is hope for the best.


  3. What’s curious, is not that big game bob got a job, even after he was forced out at OK. What’s curious is that scottie missed the big story, how this league will become the nfl’s minor league, and quite possibly ruining (excuse the ruin reference) college football…

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    1. Players to make $75k and up. Shorter games. No cray-cray gaggle of self-absorbed billionaire attention-whore owners vying for top dawg. Bare nekkid cheerleaders and free beer. Wha? That last part not true? Well then fuggit.


  4. XFL? As much as it may damage college football, who are we kidding? In a free market, capitalist society, a player should have the right to skip school and earn some money. Just my opinion.


  5. First off, Bob Stoops is an average coach at best, and won just enough games not to get criticized. The Oklahoma program actually took off after he left, so USC doesn’t need a washed up paycheck collector, they need a hungry coordinator like Lincoln Riley . And btw, when has one of these makeshift Bozo minor football leagues ever lasted? 😂. How about Never!!

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    1. Fred not so fast per the ‘lifespan’ of an ‘upstart’ league. Many forget the original All-America Football League. It played from 1946 -49 and at the end of 1949 the NFL ‘admitted’ the SF 49er’s, CLE Browns and BAL Colts. We all know of the AFL.

      The major difference here is that this new ‘Alliance of American Football’ league prudently has put teams in only two current NFL cities (Phoenix and Atlanta). The other six are interesting – San Diego – the sole city with the previous NFL and the other five (SLC-UT, Birmingham-AL, Memphis-TN, and Orlando-FL) have never had a team.

      As Pud stated this ‘could’ be a big threat to college football with the only salve that they play from the week after the Super Bowl through the end of April however that conflicts directly with college spring practice and directly slams into the NCAA definition of a professional athlete.

      As to Stoops – you are 100% accurate on his skill set. Once he left the Sooners took off.


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