USC Radio On The Move?

Don Barrett of reports USC’s radio deal with 710-AM (KSPN) is over and the Trojans could be moving to KABC-AM (790).

Depending on whether you can get good reception for 790-AM, this might be a good move for fans because basketball games are often bumped for Lakers games. KABC no longer has the L.A. Kings, so that should not be an issue. They could also devote quite a bit on Saturdays and more to USC football if they choose.

10 thoughts on “USC Radio On The Move?

  1. Wish Coach Harvey Hyde was back…interesting hardly heard back story on Pete “How do you do…” Arborgast’s refusal to co-announce with Petros Papadakis when it was proposed some years back.

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      1. Buddha, disagree with your comment. I have spoken to Arbogast and he is a very nice man who cares. He keeps his comments objective and he does not berate the players personally and when he does criticize him as a player, it is a positive manner. Thank u


  2. So Trojan football lost “a key recruiting support staff member”, huh?

    Being part of Helton’s staff and now leaving…no big loss.

    “support staff member” Pffft!

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  3. AM radio is s dinosaur which should be phased out. USC used to broadcast over KFI 640. Then the station went to an all talk radio format and ditched sports. The only other 50k watt station at the time was KNX 1070, but they were only allowed to broadcast at 50k watts during daylight hours. The all news station ditched sports a few years after hosting the games. Now KFI has the chargers games, so maybe they’ll pick up the games again.


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