Breaking: USC Hires New President

Carol Folt, who recently resigned as chancellor at North Carolina, was named president at USC today.

Folt is no stranger to controversy.  She went along with with a controversial strategy of avoiding NCAA sanctions for North Carolina’s academic/athletic scandal. Ultimately, North Carolina avoided tough sanctions by arguing the violations did not actually break NCAA rules.

More recently, Folt was involved in the “Silent Sam” controversy. After protestors pulled down the statue of a confederate soldier statue in August, Folt ordered the removal of the statue’s base, over the objection of the UNC Board of Governors.

Folt got her undergraduate and graduate degrees from UC Santa Barbara.

If Folt wanted to earn respect on campus, she would remove some administrators like provost Michael Quick and athletic director Lynn Swann.

24 thoughts on “Breaking: USC Hires New President

  1. Here is the story about the on-campus statue:

    She resigned in January from UNC – Chapel Hill over this.

    As she will be 69 this year, it is hard to know why someone at that career stage would want to jump into this mess.

    Good news is that she comes from a university with a strong athletics background, and she seems principled.

    Would have preferred Schapiro, given his knowledge of SC, his strong leadership skills, and his ability to bring people together, but I doubt that a male president was ever on the table.

    Hoping Folt will be a great president. SC really needs that.

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      1. 67 —That’s my hope too —but that’s not why she was picked: She was picked because they’re pretty certain she won’t rise to the occasion. The whole statue deal is instructive. She condemns taking it down. She apologizes for condemning those who took it down. She orders the rest of the statue taken down. Shit. The choices are ‘don’t take it down or else!’ or ‘take it down!’

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    1. 67 — Folt, unfortunately, will not be a great president. She’s a split-the-difference-manager with a very long history of amending her positions from moment to moment. The fact that USC passed on so many other outstanding candidates tells you everything you need to know.

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      1. MG, I really don’t know much about her, but I was worried about this. I don’t believe that she is considered a leading person in the area of university presidents. My guess would be third tier.


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      2. I don’t know anything about her either, but she is at best third tier. What competent administrator looking out 20 years for a career would want to take on the current dumpster fire at USC? She is a place holder for a couple of years to try and get the place back on the rails and then, they will hire someone to be proud of. Sorry to say, this is not what I expected.

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      3. MG, interesting update on the Folt resignation from UNC.

        She notified the UNC Board in January that she would resign at the end of the academic year (sometime in May).

        The Board then voted to give her 2 weeks notice, and she was gone.


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      4. 67 —No use using the past tense when referring to Nikias (“treated”).
        They’re still “treating” him.

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    2. “As she will be 69 this year, it is hard to know why someone at that career stage would want to jump into this mess.” The same reason they hired 65 year old Lynn Swann- she will do whatever she is told.

      “Good news is that she comes from a university with a strong athletics background, and she seems principled.” She is so principled she ran off the whistle blower who exposed the cheating Tar Heels athletic department. Just what we need right now- another lib educrat whose first impulse is to look the other way, feigning ignorance, cheat and lie about it.

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  2. Ms. Folt is a UC Santa Barbara grad. Looks like she is coming back home to the Southland.

    I honestly could care less about any political agenda she may have as long as she cleans up Heritage Hall and becomes a “friend” to football and, in general, the other sports.


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  3. Be interesting to see how she does with the powers to be. She basically was forced ro resign over disagreement with Carolinas Board of Governors. Lets see how this fits with the USC world

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  4. I think Carolinas AD Bubba Cunningham and their legal staff determined UNCs direction on the academic scandal more than Folt did. She is very visible with students but Chapel Hill is far different than Los Angeles . end of year notice for going. Against the Board of Governors and acting on her own

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    1. I hope Scott starts on her in the next hour or so. She’s not a good choice. Nobody thinks of her as strong or decisive. She’s a status quo manager. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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      1. Hey MG, we’re waiting for you at InsideUCLA. Can’t wait to hear your version on the bozo slant re: the new Clown U President-elect. Seems the BOT hit a walk-off HR.



  5. Memo to bozo FB Gang of 4 – Commie Lush, 67, Pusley, and MG

    The Clown U BOT’s has finally pulled the trigger!! Ms. Carol Folt, the recently resigned North Carolina University Chancellor, has been tapped to lead Clown U, as its next President. The new President-Elect claims she’s a bozo FB rah-rah, sunshine pumper, and her first order of business is to reform the ugly AD and FB situation. Specifically, she wants to hire Knute Rockne as the next Clown U FBHC.


      1. With the way this circus at USC is being run don’t be surprised if this guy is named as the new USC Trojan Marching Band Director…


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  6. Folt will fold like a cheap tent when the BOT’s tell her to jump. Might as well turn SC into a dump. What does a Gaucho know about being a Trojan. Her first words of order are gonna be, “Who’s got the bong?”. The quicker the university goes out of business the sooner they can rebuild it to the status it should and needs to be.

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