Look Who Showed Up At The President’s Introduction

I know it rained so maybe golf was out of the picture but Lynn Swann made it to the official introduction of new USC president Carol Folt.

It was a wise move politically. And look below to see who else attended the president’s intro (note the big smile).

30 thoughts on “Look Who Showed Up At The President’s Introduction

  1. He came to kiss a little butt and keep his job on the rails for now. Due to the unprecedented cluster she is inheriting, I imagine Swann is safe for a while. If he doesn’t fire Helton when he is 1-6 in October, then he will be on the radar due to the alumni blowback. As much as I hate to say, Swann us safe for now.

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      1. You guys could all chip in a few clams & buy these esteemed employees each a white shirt & tie. Pass the hat so to speak.


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    1. 83 —Ha! [The most primitive rule of human interaction is that whenever someone crosses their arms in front of them while they listen to you— they hate your guts].

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    1. Mulester, our one hope hope…calling it a reach would be giving reaches a bad name…is that since she is arriving fresh off of having presided over an even more criminally syndicalist regime, perhaps there’s hope of acquiring some temporary hardware (of course, after some serious cycling of employees)…


  2. Word I am hearing is this woman resigned from UNC because she was going to be fired ASAP. This statue thing was totally against the law in NC and had to have state approval to remove a civil war statue. She was warned and did it anyway. There appear to be a host of other transgressions as well which I will not comment on based on the veracity of the charges. They will come out and soon. Bottom line, USC once again got themselves a big fat turd. What else would you expect from out current BOT? What a shame.

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      1. I think we got ourselves another ACO. This could be hilarious, if it weren’t so incredibly tragic. IMO opinion she will be a fucking libtard/progressive/Title IX bimbo. Oh my…

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      1. 67 —Let’s put it this way, if you like the Green New Deal, you’ll love hubby’s politics.

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    1. That is correct. I am UNC alum. Folt offered her resignation took down the statute resignation effective end of school year, she made the decision on her own when the Board of Governors said a decsion would be made by end of March on Silent Sam . They then made her resignation effective immediately.

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      1. It’s ok —Clay was the only head of a major program who wasn’t assigned a seat.

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  3. Swann looks like he is pitching to save his job. Tebowobama, Please don’t compare and insult statues to Swann. Statues actually bring in money to the city. Swann just takes money from the coffers and does nothing else.

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  4. Ms. President Folt. should send a message to Swann asap …I got rid of a statue that does as much work as you do. Keep it up the with the status quo and you’re next……. Exactly! Tebowobama the crossed arms and body language says it all. Who the fuc are you?
    Hey cal 75 you missed on that joke. He’s not the only one standing there… He may be the only one standing with that shyt eating grinn trying to save his job though. He figures the more he smiles the more his job is saved lol….power of postive thinking !

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