Another USC Basketball Player Transferring

USC forward Victor Uyaelunmo is transferring, according to Evan Daniels of 247.

Uyaelunmo averaged only 0.8 points and 0.1 rebounds per game but here is the question: USC has lost Jordan Usher, J’Raan Brooks and now Uyaelunmo. Kevin Porter is expected to turn pro.

The incoming recruiting class is great but what happens when someone gets hurt or in foul trouble?

USC obviously is going to try and bring in more players and seems to be pursuing some graduate transfers. But if Porter leaves, that means five players are coming back assuming Jonah Mathews does not test the pro waters. And one of those returning players is Charles O’Bannon, who has done little so far.

12 thoughts on “Another USC Basketball Player Transferring

      1. gt— Yeah. Clay has an unfortunate history of sitting real Football Players (Darnold, Ware) while continually recruiting “5 Star” players who any smart coach could see aren’t “5 Star” players (Jack Jones, Max Brown).

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    1. Although I still think Andy should have had better seasons, but he has had too many injuries. Again i think he should have coached better in games that we lost over that time he was hampered all over those two seasons.
      That said I think he will get it going and the freshman coming in will make him look better than he actually is a coach because the kids coming in are very basketball smart and i truly believe Rakocevik and Mathews to be those “Key Upperclassmen” that will be just enough for them mentally in big games to push them to wins. These are big men with 5-Star qualities with big time shooters coming in with them. It’s a different story in skill set compared to Porter who was more of a kid who needed the ball. They play more of a team game and won the national championship for summer basketball while all playing for the Compton Magic. I think we will have a better basketball seaon because of unselfishness surprisingly from true freshman.


  1. The fellow will be a senior next year, who has had no PT.

    Not saying that Enfield is a good coach, but maybe Victor just wants a chance to play. Given the recruiting class that is arriving, it is unlikely that he will get any next year. At 6’11” and 215 lbs., he gets pushed around easily.

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  2. Flow, this isn’t a big loss. Sure, he had height, but the dude was clumsy as hell and never looked comfortable in actual action. Plus, free throws were an issue.

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      1. gt —Ha! [Football & Basketball & Baseball Coaching philosophy: It’s up to the players to improve on their own]!!

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  3. Brooks leaving is one thing.

    But Uyaelunmo is another. Nice kid but should have never been offered in the first place. Maybe in three years he’ll be a serviceable bench player, but right now, and in the near future, he is not a Pac-12 level player.

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  4. USC has offered Kenyon Martin Jr. (Sierra Canyon) who is samller by far but the same player as Victor. He is a defensive shot blocker/rebounder with a bigger motor who was offere two weeks ago to join the 5 boys coming in.
    Victor didn’t know how to run with the offense having trouble early on and i think he never felt confident in the offense getting no minutes.


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