USC Poster Of The Day

This comes courtesy of TMZ and is supposedly on display at the Lyon Center. TMZ speculates it could be a fake poster but it looks real from here. The “No Experience? No Problem.” slogan is obviously what grabbed headlines.

9 thoughts on “USC Poster Of The Day

      1. Dear Pusley, I’m sorry your father was a sticky wet spot on a crumbling mausoleum dirty, filthy toilet seat yo mommy sat on.


  1. seems plausible to me…
    I remember being asked back almost 60 yrs ago if I would be interested ,and I stated, no…you guys get up way too early for me.
    It was a real student sport …no title 9 purely political scholarships for rowing back then, as they do today.

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  2. Not a lot of high schools have rowing teams, so the recruiting pool isn’t that large. Plus, the skill isn’t that hard to pick up, so recruiting people with no previous experience is very common. When I was going to UCLA 30 years ago, crew had a table on Bruin Walk (the main walkway through campus) and they’d basically ask all the tall students if they wanted to come try out. That’s pretty much the main trait they’re looking for in rowers, height. Or if you’re very small & light, you can be a coxswain, which is how I ended up on crew. I don’t think anyone in my freshman boat had any previous experience.


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