Afternoon Notes: The Best Job At USC

Can you imagine if more people cared about the fact USC basketball coach Andy Enfield made $2.8 million in 2016-17?

That places him among the top 30 nationally for college basketball salaries.

In return, USC has won two NCAA Tournament games in six seasons. And two NCAA Tournament appearances.

He has only finished better than fifth once in the Pac-12.

But no one cares. And he keeps making a lot of money.

Put it another way: He almost makes as much as Clay Helton ($3.2 million) without any pressure.

  • Former USC guard Kevin Porter measured in at 6-5 1/2, 213 pounds at the NBA combine. He had a 6-10 wingspan and 5.1 percent body fat. Too bad he barely made a ripple at USC.
  • Gil Brandt, the former Dallas Cowboys vice president of player personnel, lists Michael Pittman as one of his five best senior wide receivers next season.

1. Collin Johnson, Texas

2. K.J. Hill, Ohio State

3. Tyler Johnson, Minnesota

4. Juwan Johnson, Oregon

5. Michael Pittman USC


32 thoughts on “Afternoon Notes: The Best Job At USC

    1. Or, to put it a bit differently, Pittman, St. Brown and Devon Williams should make J.T.’s job a lot easier. [But wouldn’t it be fun if we ran the ball 55 times against Fresno State]?

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      1. That would blow freddie’s little mind….🧨💥
        But what do you think tedford will do, he’s a run first guy last year, it would make sense for him to try to slow the game. But can he move our 4 man defensive line alignment with those 3 big Polys playing at the same time?

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      2. Fresno State will definitely try to run on us —but I think they’ll have a hard time. I like our new d-line coach (“D-lineman are not polite, nice guys! That’s not who we want to be!”). And I’d love the idea of surprising them with a run-heavy offense —but that will require some serious upgrades in run blocking.

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      3. If they don’t make first downs, they just might be in a world of hurt. My big issue is it always seemed to me Clay would take his foot off the gas WAAYY too early and it would come back to haunt us. I hope Harrell is a pedal to the metal kind of guy.

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      4. Harrell has said he likes to play “exciting” football —I’m pretty sure he means 4 quarters of it, not “we’ll play fast til we go up by 10 points, then we’ll convert to field position football.” The latter philosophy always gets you beat.

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    2. Somebody needs to slap the crap out of you! I volunteer! Lol.,,,let’s go? I’ll let you have the wimp squad, Soviet and Guarino, too… 3 against 1 me lol….


      1. Tough guy! Everyone always respects those internet warriors. Must make you proud the way you stand for all things holy. Jimeny Cricket! You must be really mad to set aside your Christian ethics…oh wait, it you McGoofy.
        Pharisee Putz.

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      2. the Bible is full of fighters lol…you’re soft in knowledge of Him…that’s why my petitions will be granted.


      3. Did not Jericho fall, except for Rahab? Did not the Israelites conquer to enter Canaan? Did not David cut the Philistine’s head off before Kingship? You boys better rethink your Bible…try reading the whole thing…..then, pray about it, then, get a complete understanding, not just the one cowardly people like you hide behind to cover their wrongdoings.


      4. Correct me if I’m wrong you fake…but Jericho was taken by a brass band, or am I mistaken? You’re such a cretin acting as if you know. Stay home little boy, your sauce is as weak as your character.

        Pharisee phaker.


      5. I will have my pound of flesh… I hold in my hand a USC degree you say publicly I don’t hold….do you think God will hear you over me? That goes for Guarino and Soviet, too.,,


      6. You against me mr sanctimonious Steve. I’ll just use my feet & elbows. I’ll be at the gunshow OC in June. Come visit.

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  1. You’ve gone too far, too long, premised On provable lies…stand down and never come foolishly to me again… this is me showing Him, mercy…if you continue in rebellion of provable truth, you will be judged.


      1. Dude, who really cares about you? Lost you? You’ve lost yourself…I came to the knowledge of these things about myself long ago and turned to Him in earnest prayer. You’re hereby ordered to do the same as penance for your errors…don’t repeat them. That’s called discipline…..we’re supposed to achieve that relatively in older age, but you missed the message. So, I am sent!


      2. Poor little twerp…talks like a dick walks like a dick must be McGoofy…oops I meant duck.

        Xanax in the morning, midol at night


  2. Sanctimonious,
    You remind me of when Donald Duck & Daisy Duck went to marriage counselling. First they did a joint session. Then Daisy was in by herself for an hour. Next Donald meets with the psychologist. Shrink says to the Donald—“is there a chance this marriage can be saved?”
    “No way says the Donald–SHE’S PHUCKING GOOFY”

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    1. kal 86, the Berkely scholar and legendary FB player, uses an asinine Donald and Daisy DUCK literary reference to bigfoot a feckless blog point

      I’m so impressed that I need a shot of “wisky,” to regain my equilibrium.


  3. You’ll understand Goofy, when you’re included….you’re a non believer, but you’ll find out one day, by God’s hand…he knows who you are and where you are, even though I don’t….although, I’m up to in person interviews instead of long distance banter….you up to it? I know Pudly isn’t, but, in due time he will learn too. If he doesn’t, ballgame. It’s your choices, as I have called upon the Creator to avenge me….


    1. Now you’re sounding more like Charlie Manson. He heard voices too.

      Remember Xanax in the morning, midol at night.


      1. P76,
        We really shouldn’t be so tough on sanctimonious. Or, as I observe…one short thought, one short sentence, one short post.


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      2. P76,
        Outstanding. Going to Morro Bay this weekend. San Miguel therapy.
        I would like to correct JUSTHIDEOUS, the poor donut maker is off target as usual.
        A. As a freshman CAL knuckle dragger LB…injured & a failure
        B. As a member of the 7 time Natty OLD BLUES Rugby Squad ’75/ so.
        C. As the 19th hole anchor leg on the Blues relay race for the bar tab….untied & unbeaten. The legend. Never let my team lose.
        Bite me Mule.

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      3. I love the coast especially from Morro to Monterey…spent lots of time up there between the kids club sports and chasing the dogs.

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  4. USC’s unqualified, athletic director approves mediocrity, so Andy Enfield, and Bozo Helton’s jobs are safe.


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