Bru McCoy Update

Bru McCoy has not informed Texas yet that he wants to transfer. But he is with his family in Palos Verdes and not in Austin.

Is this going to be a trend now where recruits enroll early and then transfer to another school? It’s definitely more attractive to do now when there is plenty of time to get a waiver than when you arrive in late summer and know you will need to sit out if you go somewhere else.

17 thoughts on “Bru McCoy Update

  1. Dear Pusley, how many former bozo BB players are on the NBA Final teams? Fess up Pusley.

    And Pusley Dear, in case you haven’t heard, the Bruin ladies SB team is in the NCAA W/S; and, how about the Bruin Men’s Baseball team, the #1 seed in the NCAA Baseball Tournament.

    I know, Pusley Dear, I haven’t forgotten, Felony U won the Crosstown Rivalry Cup presented by Wally’s Cholo Burrito, the best $.50 burrito in LA.



    1. One lousy title in baseball you putz that you can shove it up your asshole vs 12 National CWS for USC.
      Ladies program is rotten to the core. What happened to your Golf team
      over the weekend?

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      1. Mr. B, six of those NC’s were earned from the Losers Bracket. Sort of a pussy, second chance, Baseball NC as it were.

        I have no Idea what happened to the Bruin golf team. However, I do know the Felony U “#1 Ladies Golf team” choka, choka, choka, choked, and were eliminated from the NCAA Ladies Golf tournament.


  2. Bill Buckner has died this morning. He came to USC in 1968 but had already signed with the LA Dodgers as their 2nd round draft choice. First was Bobby Valentine. I had the privilege of pitching batting practice to Buck a number of times at old Bovard field. That man could hit. Solid contact line drives where the ball was pitched. Could run like the wind. He was a better man than ball player. He endured all the shit from the 86 world series with grace and integrity. Many stories to tell about him. Wonderful human being. May the good Lord grant you eternal peace Buck.

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    1. One of the most famous errors in World Series history: A Mookie Wilson grounder to Buckner bounced between the first baseman’s legs, allowing the New York Mets to rally for a Game 6 victory over the Red Sox, who then lost Game 7 — prolonging their World Series drought that had stretched to 1918.

      “When that ball went through Bill Buckner’s legs, hundreds of thousands of people did not just view that as an error, they viewed that as something he had done to them personally,” longtime Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan once said.

      That single moment ended up defining Buckner’s career, and even followed him after it.

      When the Red Sox invited him to take part in a ceremony at Fenway Park honoring the 20-year anniversary of the 1986 team, Buckner declined.- Chicago Sun Times

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    2. Linkster,
      He is walking with the Lord as we speak. He was a Christian. To have that error happen to him and he not lashing out took a lot of prayer and guidance by the Dear Lord. God Bless him.


  3. I personally know everyone, and I personally know that Bru McCoy’s family wanted to look over the transfer paperwork with their attorney, but they didn’t return anything.

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    1. Felony U is really hard up to accept McCoy’s, tail between the legs, return.

      What’s to prevent McCoy from bolting again if his playing time isn’t equal to what McCoy believes he deserves.


  4. Something tells me McCoy’s dream school has always been USC since he was a kid but he’s torn because the football program is sideways right now.




  5. My big fear is that this might set some bad precedent much like the Transfer Potty has. Can you imagine these kids bouncing from school to school, checking out classes, the environment, the weather etc. Actually, now that I think about it, most kids would want to, in the words of the Notorious BIG, Go back to Cali. after experiencing other parts of the country.



  6. If Bru McCoy was Smart, then he’ll play for Tom Herman instead of Bozo Helton , because Texas are leaps and bounds ahead of USC with their football program, while Helton is guiding a sinking, rudderless ship .


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