USC Morning Buzz: Here’s One Way To Find Cash For Football Coach

Is it valid to rule out Urban Meyer because he would cost too much for USC?

Meyer made $7.6 million his final season at Ohio State. One could argue USC will not pay that much.

This is accepted in some circles even though Pete Carroll made $4.4 million in 2007, which was believed to be the most in the nation. By comparison, Nick Saban made $4 million that year.

What has changed?

It is true 10 years later USC paid Clay Helton $3.8 million in 2017. But USC really had no reason to pay him more. Steve Sarkisian made $3.7 million in 2015. Lane Kiffin was willing to make less so his father could get paid more than $1.5 million.

We are now in the USC era of George Tyndall lawsuits, slumping season-ticket sales and little ambition when it comes to hiring coaches in the minor sports.

But make no mistake, USC has the money if it wants to pay it. This why it is important whether these Lynn Swann rumors are true. Swann might not want to hire a big-time coach at a big-time salary because he would have little control over the coach. He would do it if new president Carol Folt wants to but we don’t know enough about her yet.

However, if USC hired a new athletic director, it is likely they would want to go out and make a splash with a marquee hire. And with Folt’s backing if she hired the AD.

If Swann makes $4 million a year, you could save $2-3 million right there by firing him and making a reasonable hire as athletic director. That would ease the pain of paying a real football coach. Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne, who used to be at Arizona, is going to make $1.13 million in the final year of his contract (2025). He makes $980,000 this year.

USC is literally shoveling cash into a dumpster fire with Swann. Put $3 million of his salary toward Meyer and then come up with another $5 million. That is more palatable.


14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Here’s One Way To Find Cash For Football Coach

  1. Part of the problem are also the contract buyouts. And how much of the remaining contract USC would be on the hook for. If there is 1 or 2 million remaining to be paid, USC would be wary about being obligated to pay to Swann and Helton in addition to whatever money goes to a new HC. Lane and his dad were famously still being paid the remainder of their contracts long after they were fired by USC. USC is trying to not have that happen again.

    The terms of Swann and Helton’s contracts are unknown but for sure the buyout and remaining contract amounts are significant factors in any decision to be made.

    And, Urban Meyer ain’t coming to USC. When he collapsed on the sideline last year, it was his health that sealed his coaching career. He’s not coming back to coach if there is a strong possibility he could actually die on the sideline.

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    1. Good post! I’d like to know who it was that 1. hired Swann 2. chose the salary he was to be paid.

      Swann will not be re-hired if only because of the horrific contract he chose to give Helton.

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      1. Stupid article .. you forgot Swann didn’t hire Clay and he couldn’t fire him because usc had no president . No one foresaw clay falling apart until after he had won a pac 12 title and the rose bowl .. He had beaten Texas , Penn st , UCLA Norte Dame and Stanford .. Now it’s all Lynn Swann’s fault be real..


  2. SCooter,

    Here is the solution to paying the coaches, SC needs to hire Pudly76 as the Athletic Director for round 1 million per year. Have Micheal G. as his attorney on retainer. SC has freed up around $3 million. Let Harrel prove his worth. If he is good as he seems on the field as he does in interviews, then hire him. Pay him around $3 million. Get rid of Pendergast. Bring in a Def Cordinator that know how to stop the run. To have a jacka#s from ugly run 289 yards should have been fired after the game. That was total embarrasment. Bring in Del Rio as DC. Let Harrel call the offense. Problem solved.

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  3. Hiring a high-performing coach is an investment, not an expense.

    SC football had been bringing in about $60 million in revenue per year. The right coach could boost that easily by 10% or more per year, which would more than pay for the premium in salary and buy-out.

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  4. USC has billions in endowments, and not too many University’s can make that claim. So why would the administration frown on investing into a football program, who’s dividends could far exceed a $7 million dollar coaches salary ? Lynn Swann ‘s rumored 3-4 million salary won’t pay anything in returns , because he’s unqualified, and clueless. If anything, the only thing Swann brings to the table is a possible $ 15 to 20 million dollar payoff, to a clown football coach, who he actually thought would bring a national championship to SC . 😂

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    1. Hey my dumbass friend, did you hear about Bru coming back?? You talked a lot of crap when he left…but not a peep now. What’s up with that?


      1. I was referring (and I think it’s clear) to all he’s said about when Bru left. He as always, had much to say disparaging the team.

        Hope you have a nice day.


    2. Because those in power at USC want to emphasize more academics and reduce the emphasis on sports at USC.

      Guys like Max Nikias want USC to be more Ivy League academically. All that billions should be for academic programs. More about books and studying and less about jocks.

      If Max Nikias could do it alone he would do everything in his power to push USC down to an FCS school sports wise.



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    3. Fred, I disagree with your thought about an AD position not bringinig in money. If you hire the correct AD and he hires the correct coaches, revenue streams will go up per people paying for more tickets, people buying souvierners, people watching more SC on the TV and more donations. Look at Garrett, even though he did not hire Carroll, Garrett kept Carroll and SC was making a ton of money. Look at Swann and Helton, SC is losing money. The AD leads the sports department and if you have the right one and he hires the right coaches, then SC will defineltly profit. Thank you.

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  5. Go find a rich alum or two who would GLADLY foot the bill for Meyer as well as Gomer’s buyout, the bRUINS did. And while they are at it, they might want to get some money to hire a competent baseball coach


  6. Did you really just use “hiring” when you meant to say “firing” — the exact opposite word. Jeezus Scott, re-read your stuff.


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