Ex-USC Soccer Coach Changes Plea To Guilty

Former USC women’s soccer coach Ali Khosroshahin, who plead not guilty in March, will now plead guilty in the College Admissions scandal.

Khosroshahin will cooperate with federal prosecutors, who will seek a prison term at the low end of a 46-57 month range. His sentence could be lower.

The goverrment said Khosroshahin acccepted almost $350,000 in bribes through a private soccer club in exchange for fake athletic profiles for prospective students.

4 thoughts on “Ex-USC Soccer Coach Changes Plea To Guilty

  1. It is not unusual for defendants to change their plea from ‘not guilty’ to ‘guilty’ —– this occurs because people sometimes completely forget that they did certain things (e. g., accept $350, 000 in bribes) and, then, “recover their memories” later…….

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      1. Wasn’t that coach and his assistant both former csuf coaches with his assistant a former player on that team as well?
        spingfield college-1


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      2. He won a NATIONAL TITLE his 1st year as head coach at USC!
        It took Hypocrite John Boy Wooden a # of years to start cheating
        with Sam Gilbert to finally win big time. The money for soccer did
        not buy any players like Alcindor and his father to come West.

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