USC Morning Buzz: Conference Of Champions?

The Pac-12 is the Conference of Champions but the ACC has won national titles in football and basketball. If an ACC team wins the College World Series it will be the first time a conference won the Big 3 sports titles since 1972-1973 when the PAC-8 accomplished that feat (USC football, UCLA basketball, USC baseball).

How far is USC from winning football or baseball titles today? Or UCLA basketball for that matter?

  • Mark Carrier, Carson Palmer and Dennis Thurman are on the 2020 ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame released today.

7 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Conference Of Champions?

  1. USC is two recruiting classes away under a competent coach from a PAC 12 championship if they emphasize lineman.


    1. They are more like two recruiting classes away from a national championship under a competent head coach.


  2. Speaking of Conferences —-Interesting news outta the SEC today: The ban on alcohol sales has been lifted and “autonomy” to decide has been turned over to individual schools — moments later the SEC announced that it had decided to extend this policy to steroids……

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  3. USC is a house cleaning of it’s Administration, BoT and Athletic Dept. away from setting itself back on track of when it used to be respected as a force to be reckoned with in athletics.


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