USC Morning Buzz: Damage Issue

USC wrote a letter to the court in the Tony Bland case that said Bland “significantly damaged the reputation” of the university per the L.A. Times.

If that is true, how would USC assess:

  1. George Tyndall
  2. Carmen Puliafito
  3. Max Nikias
  4. Donna Heinel
  5. Everyone else in the College Admissions scandal
  6. Lynn Swann
  7. Pat Haden
  8. Steve Sarkisian

Bland would make a top 10, I guess, but maybe not.

33 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Damage Issue

  1. Wow first one here allows me to add Clay and Clancy to the list. The original case for changing the way coaches are hired and fired. If it’s evident you don’t know your ass from a Bruin (or hole in the ground- whichever is tighter) then that’s cause for firing.
    With the talent lining up to play this year does anyone want the three stooges running things? (Clay Clancy and Lynn)

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    1. Easy, Steve. Leaving Clay and Clancy off the list is the most upbeat thing Scott has done this year.

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      1. JuJu wants to make the Top Ten!

        JuJu Smith-Schuster Dances to “F–k Antonio Brown” Chant at …
        The Big Lead
        7 hours ago · Here’s Smith-Schuster cutting a rug while the student body let the “f–k A.B.” chant breathe. JuJu showed up to prom and danced to “F—k AB” chants. 🤣 (via John.Hecker/Instagram …


  2. That list needs photos and needs to be authorized by the FBI. These guys are crooks. Throw in Swann for stealing money from SC. He has not worked a day at SC and he still collects a paycheck. Get rid of the bum.

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      1. Michael,

        I agree. Between the FBI covering up for Comey and the FISA reports that will come out saying that the FBI was involved with them and this stuff, they will be a very busy department.

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      2. Pt — Comey was behind the sanctions?! Now I DO hate him!

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  3. That’s a perfect example of how the administrators at USC are in denial about George Tyndall , and the significant damage that he caused the University. Tony Bland’s name is only familiar to the college basketball, while Tyndall continues to make national headlines, and will cost the SC close to a billion dollars in settlements . That’s the typical arrogance of Trojan land, that’s why their athletic department is in shambles, and overall reputation is on the line, because they think there smarter than everyone else

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    1. USC is in “denial about George Tyndall”….BUT they’re going to pay “close to a billion dollars in settlements”…..?

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      1. The new fad for corporations, SC, ugly, State of California, Obuma, and rest of the crooks, cheaters, liars, and thieves is, they are not held to accountability. Look at Just Rent’s friend, Hillary, she thinks she will get away with what she did. However, if Trump can start an investigation against her or Comey, then the cards will fall and they will be singing like no tomorrow.

        These yahoos need to be held accountable on what they have done wrong through termination, law suits, and or jail time.

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  4. The top 5 really are in a league of their own in terms of what they have done to the university.

    I’d move Haden ahead of Swann on the list, however.

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    1. Yeah, 67 —-At this point in time, I think Pat’s earned the jump —-but let’s not be too quick on the trigger…….

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  5. That idiot Max Nikias goes to the top of the list. People that don’t follow USC on a regular basis don’t even know who Tony Bland is.

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  6. I have a friend, SC med school alum, who always visits me at the gun show. He tells me that the activity of the top two on that list has been known in the medical community for a long time & a complete lack of oversight has allowed it to continue & has consequently eroded the SC brand.
    You can add Dr. Dennis Kelly to the list. Tony Brand referred a couple of guys to agents. Nobody outside of this blog would know who Tony Brand is.

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      1. It’s a good thing Pudly 76 , and myself have some inside connections, because he would have never been able to scoop this Chris Steele story


  7. Me, and Pudly 76 are the biggest Trojan ASS Sucks, and we know everyone in the athletic department , that’s why we have the inside stuff. With that said, Tony Bland has caused more damage to our beloved university , according to our close friend, Lynn Swann 💋💋💋


      1. Drip – Drip – Drip. Trollboy!

        Must be disconcerting to have these nocturnal emissions all day. Drives your mom crazy, huh?


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      2. Pudly —Leave it to tebow to have nocturnal emissions during the DAY…

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    1. Hey spaghetti dick! My wife wanted to remind you to wear your swim shorts so the fish didn’t attack your little worm again. She was so disappointed she missed that 2” ride to the moon.


  8. Don’t forget Nikias’ aide Michael Quick.

    And Haden’s aide Steve Lopes, who is still around.

    And before Sark, there was a companion basketball coach who was a drunk, Kevin O’Neill. (I believe he got hammered and caused a scene before a Pac-12 tourney game).

    Andy Enfield and baseball coach Hubbs have been pretty embarassing and/or underwhelming to their programs but I wouldn’t place them that high, maybe not even top 10.


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  9. Top 3 SUCCX lepers list: These 3 entities are totally responsible for Felony U’s egregious demise.

    1) BOT
    2) Max Nikias
    3) The 10-20 losers/flunkees that 1 &2 employed, nurtured and protected.

    I should be happy, but I’m not. I’m acquainted with several Felony U grads and they’re decent people except for their blind allegiance to SUXXC FB.

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    1. Gotta agree, Owns. Strange that the Board isn’t making it into more top 10 lists…..

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