USC Afternoon Notes: Coach Retires; Radio, Radio

Anna Collier, a two-time AVCA National Coach of the Year who led the USC women’s beach volleyball team to three national titles, is retiring. Collier is the only head coach in USC’s eight-year-old program.

Lynn Swann: “When I arrived at USC, women’s beach volleyball was already a championship program under Anna and it remained so under her guidance. We are grateful for all that she has contributed to building the foundation of USC women’s beach volleyball and for setting the high standards of competition that our teams and student-athletes exhibit. We know she will continue to develop outstanding talent as she remains involved in the sport in the future. We wish her the very best. She will always be regarded as a great Trojan.”

  • I will be a guest on Petros and Money (570-AM) around 4:45 p.m. to discuss USC and Pat Haden. Can’t wait.
  • Mark Stevens, the USC board of trustee member who shoved Kyle Lowry last night at the NBA finals, was banned from NBA games for a year and fined $500,000 by the league.
  • USC wide receiver Josh Imatorbhebhe is scheduled to visit Illinois, where Trevon Sidney and Oluwole Betiku already transferred.

29 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Coach Retires; Radio, Radio

  1. SCooter,

    I will be listening. You better have Petros talk about the Felix Chevrolet. Talk about the hiring of a baseball coach, Steele, McCoy, Stevens, Swann, and other stuff. You won’t have enough time with everything going on.

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  2. Sorry to hear this, Anna is a dynamic lady who loves USC. Best wishes to her, and looking forward to hear who will try to fill her shoes.

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    1. LOL! Get serious. She’s washed up, a burnout that sat in her chair like a slug not doing anyone any good.


    1. Ha! Now that the Warriors are forcing him to sell his team shares, he now has zero incentive to pay the fine.


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      1. 67 —-Let’s face it —-the $500,000 is totally uncollectable. Love to see what a court would think of them trying to take it out of his shares. “Your Honor, we made up this rule out of thin air yesterday which allows us to……blah, blah, blah…”

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  3. Yeah, Anna Collier needed to go. She looked totally disinterested during the tournament. With the players she had the title should have been a foregone conclusion and she managed to somehow screw it up. She couldn’t even light a fire under her own ass, let alone under any of the players. Good riddance!


    1. Maybe Tebow, but the Felons choka, choka, choka, choked vs STETSON, losing 1 – 3.

      Tough to win an NC from the losers bracket.


  4. The chatter leading up to Wolf was ‘en flgrante’ per Haden by Papadakis. Petros bluntly noted Haden’s plundering of the Mayr Foundation and then hit again by stating “…no one knows where he is – at his home…in the desert. No one answering the phone. Somehow though Haden demanded he be retained for the Coliseum retro as he was the only one who could complete it.’ Obviously stemming from his (Petros) getting sacked as the ‘in situ’ arena announcer at Galen. At 4:45 pm Wolf arrived and petros hit him by asking him per Haden “Is it because he is so clueless on what an AD should be doing or is it that he really is corrupt?” Also he asked “Hey what’s up with the son-in-law running interference…can’t Haden afford an attorney?

    In fairness to Scott he didn’t take Petros’ bait for later attribution of creating a ‘Steele Dossier’ per Haden rather they jointly noted how much the program is in melt down under Haden and now Swann. Also the growing possibility and hope that Swann get fired.

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      1. goilliumXXII….I never thought USC was held in such national contempt as was stated by another poster yesterday and I replied equating USC to the NYY, NE Patriots, GS Warriors, LAL et. al….

        I have to say there very well may be some truth to that post.

        Pete Carroll turned everything on its’ head and the rest of the nation hated it.

        Remember after the Bush ‘scandal’ the expose of the – Univ. of Miami (Hurricanes) AD Paul Dee, who flat out stated they were going to destroy USC… an attorney directly working for notre dame….the move by that former SEC Commissioner Michael Slive, after both SAuburn and AR lost back-to-back home/away games that no one in the SEC was to play USC again save for bowl games. The OK Sooner AD did the same

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    1. Alv —The Petros Show: The place where Scott is given multiple opportunities to represent the voice of reason…….


      1. Actually it’s ratings are tops for a sports show in LA. I find them amusing and hilarious in their willingness to slam the ‘sacred’….that balck kid whose voice they use ‘LaBron James’….Michael Corleone “Whatta’ am I gonna do wit’ did’ guy!?” Richard Roundtree as ‘Shaft’ “TONIGHT!”….David Huddleston as ‘The Big Lebowski’…”MY WIFE!”…

        Too bad brooklyn and bel-air tech broadcast on 570 AM…would have loved to have heard them rip vin-dawg or that fraud clown the peckerwood.

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      2. Alv —Just to be clear, I didn’t say I don’t love Petros…..

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  5. Wait a goddamn minute. Comments are being deleted now?! Who’s the moderator?! Flow?! Chaz Buckets?! This is absurd, ESPECIALLY coming from douchey Flow who shits on everyone in his blog posts and claims to “never read the comments.” Flow, you’re better than this. Or are you?


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