USC To Interview Grand Canyon Coach Andy Stankiewicz

USC officials will interview Grand Canyon baseball coach Andy Stankiewicz on Thursday, the first coach to interview for the baseball job.

Stankiewicz, who played for the Yankees, was an assistant at Arizona State before he took over at Grand Canyon in 2012. His record is 252-188-1.

I also hear UC Santa Barbara coach Andrew Checketts might interview soon.

11 thoughts on “USC To Interview Grand Canyon Coach Andy Stankiewicz

    1. So, Commie Lush, a Jr. College 57% winning Pct. gets the coach a bozo HC baseball program interview?

      Seems to me SUCCX has decided to bunt instead of swinging for the fence.


    2. In other southern cal news, in the light of former AD pat haden about to be charged in the pay for college admission scandal NCAA is about levy the death penalty on southern Cal for lack of institutional control. According to sources Haden is about to implicate Max Nakkis and current AD swann.

      In other news, the @sswipe that pushed Kyle Lawri during the NBA finals game 3 is an southern Cal booster that donated 100 million to southern cal. The southern cal turds are everywhere!



      1. Just Rent,

        With so many rejections from recruits that did not want to go the most historical cheetin’ school of all time, ruinville, and with your heart being broken just as many times, you have become one sniveling little troll. Hey buddy, it will be alright.


    1. First it was Florida, then it was Oregon and now USC.

      Clay Helton’s coaching ability was such an impact on the young man that he made USC his third choice.

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  1. “USC officials will interview Grand Canyon baseball coach Andy Stankiewicz on Thursday, the first coach to interview for the baseball job.”

    Just how many USC officials does it take to do Lynn Swann’s job? And where were these USC officials when that idiot Swann was preparing to offer the contract extension to Steve Sarkisian’s Errand Boy?


  2. First for the Trolls Grand Canyon University is a major university offering online and on campus courses. It is a Christian University like Cal-Baptist and has a growing reputation among educators as a place to advance beyond their teaching credentials. The Lopes handed USC more than enough bruises and if memory serves won 2 out of three games here in Los Angeles. Because the team has recently transitioned to the division I of the NCAA many people haven’t heard of them.
    Second the fact that USC is looking at different coaches is a move forward from the old process of asking the interviewee if he knows what the round sphere with the stitches is called. (assuming our last hire guessed right). We could go get a little league coach and have better luck than we did with what’s his name our former big name coach.

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    1. After Haden and Swann USC stopped throwing their money around…both of those idiots got it all.



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