Oregon Moves Faster Than USC

USC baseball coach Dan Hubbs and Oregon coach George Horton both departed their programs on May 29.

Oregon hired Purdue coach Mark Wasikowski today. USC? Well, it’s getting there.

USC was snubbed by UC Santa Barbara coach Andrew Checketts and appears to have only Grand Canyon coach Andy Stankiewicz as a serious candidate. The other candidate, St. Mary’s coach Eric Valenzuela, took the Long Beach State job.

Let’s give Lynn Swann a couple days before we start dreading what a football search would look like.

USC could also hire Jason Gill of Loyola Marymount. None of these are exactly inspiring hires. But this is modern-day USC.

28 thoughts on “Oregon Moves Faster Than USC

  1. As a four or five year old I used to sit in front of the television watching black and white Farmer Alfalfa cartoons. The ‘joke’ on which each cartoon was based was that the poor Farmer moved very, very slowly. Each time he would slowly bend down to catch a pesky mouse, the mouse would run between his legs and get away. The Farmer would slowly turn his head to the camera with a sleepy “what the heck?” look on his face.
    I’m not exactly sure why I’m telling this story in connection with an article about Lynn Swann and USC’s search for a new baseball coach…

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    1. I used to watch Snagglepus, mostly in b/w but some in color….and he used to say “exit, stage left”.
      I’m not sure why you said it either…

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      1. Trojan83 — If I were given the choice of being anybody in western history, it would be Gigantor……

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      2. Yes, Snaggletooth…or for that matter, the Pink Panther (maybe the greatest cartoon character and theme music ever…the dialogue is the best part!)…or Pete Puma (“one lump or two?…”I ain’t fallin’ for that one again…”)…

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      3. Huckleberry Hound and so many to name, the Magpies, Tom n Jerry but I find it completely and utterly amazing that Popeye never made mention!!

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      4. I bring him up at least once a week to taunt my wife (the episode where Popeye keeps singing a tune of “Leave well enough alone” to his nephews I think – basically, the one about not trying to be the smarter bear…which as USC fans we know is a bad idea!).

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    2. Among the many brilliant cartoons of that bygone era one of my favorites was Underdog, not just for the show, and it’s cast of USC officials…uh, I mean clumsy criminals…but for the “sub shows” like the now politically unacceptable Go Go Gophers (where USC administrators…I mean Sheridan’s Blue Coat Army…is consistently outwitted) and the Tennessee Tuxedo Show (where Clay Helton and Clancy Pendergast…I mean Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley the Walrus were confronted by deep mysteries of the universe that could only be solved by trips to see Finnius J. Whoopie, Genius…


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  2. Pathetic approach as usual by the Athletic Dept. Hire a top assistant
    from the southeast or southwest schools who make the CWS on a
    regular basis. Forget about these local head coaches who get nowhere
    in the tournament. Put up the money and get the program back to at
    least the early 2,000.

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  3. Doesn’t USC only have like 11 and 1/2 scholarships available for the entire team? Why would anyone want to coach there with those kinds of restrictions/parameters? I say this, unlike SW, not as a slight to the school, but rather as a simple fact that handicaps the program. Same goes for track btw.

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      1. Most schools dont cost as much as SC, however. (Easier to walk- on at other schools too).


  4. Cartoons, You have Bugs Bunny, Speed Racer, Benny and Cecil, Bullwinkle, Flintstones, and others that we all grew up on. However, all of these cartoons make more sense than Swann.

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    1. I believe you’re referring to Roadrunner and Beany when you speak of Speed Racer and Benny, pt. [As long as this seems to be the ONE & ONLY subject that brings us all together it’s important to keep our terms straight].
      But can’t disagree with you, old buddy, about these characters making more sense than Lynn does [except when they walk 3 or 4 feet off cliffs and don’t fall until they actually realize they’re walking on thin air]…..

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    2. pt —My apologies. There really is a Speed Racer cartoon. Congratulations for tastes that go beyond American cartoons…

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      1. MG,

        When referring to the cartoons, I tied everything together for that particular cartoon. Ex. Bugs Bunny meant the entire gambit of Roadrunner, Wile E. Coyote, Yosemite Sam, Silvester, etc. Now if you need to know all who is involved with each cartoon character that I had mentioned, I would love to name all names. It beats work and they brought a smile to my face at that time as well as of now. I loved Bugs Bunny for being the smart ass that he was. Yosemite Sam was hilraouis. I wonder what would have happened to the Road Runner if he had been caught? speaking of Road Runners, I have seen them out in the desert and each and every time I see one, I expect it to jump, wiggle their feet and go. I just laugh inside and out when I think of that because that is what the RR would do on TV.

        Thank you MG for brining me back to reality, real reality, and that is, my favorite cartoons.

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      2. Ha! Yeah! Cartoons! The transcendent world.
        I’m just sorry about the whole Speed Racer misunderstanding, pt! It always surprises me when I find out that other countries have things too —like painting or movies or music…….

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      3. PT it is much like QuickDraw McGraw and his cousin El Kabong, too many sub characters to keep track of…by the way, remember “Master Cylinder”..

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      4. My mistake – Mule’s cousin isn’t Quickdraw’s alter ego El Kabong (what a great cartoon!), but rather his sidekick, which Wiki says was “Baba Looey” the burro…


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  5. Pudly,

    I have never heard of Master Cylinder.

    MG, no problem, I did not take any offense from what you wrote. I appreciate your knowledge and the way you handle things. Everything is good with me pertaining to you.

    Bullwinkle, now that was hilarious writing. What they talked about can be used today. I am in Property Management for a huge airport in LA and I tell my tenants, jokingly, that I am gonna kick you out on Dec 23rd of each year when the lease expires. They ask me why the 23rd and I say because you have to move your stuff out and on the 24th your on the streets. The next day is Christmas. Everytime I say this to a tenant, I think of Snaddly Wiplash, the property owner in Bullwinkle. I just laugh. If I am wrong on the name, I apologize.

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