Morning Buzz: Does USC Have A Top 10 Receiver?

USA Today listed its 10 top wide receivers for this season and Amon-Ra St. Brown was No. 10. I don’t even think St. Brown was USC’s best receiver last season. That was Michael Pittman.

St. Brown got awfully quiet at one five-game stretch last season despite JT Daniels‘ fixation with him.

Look at the numbers:

Washington State: 2 receptions for 38 yards

Arizona: 5 receptions for 54 yards

Colorado: 4 receptions for 31 yards

Arizona State: 4 receptions for 39 yards

Oregon State: 5 receptions for 39 yards

That’s a top 10 receiver in the nation?

  • Former Michigan QB Brandon Peters announced he would transfer to Illinois. Maybe Matt Fink got wind of this when he decided to remain at USC.
  • The May, 2019, local radio ratings are out and USC’s new flagship station, KABC-AM (790), tied for 38th, which is dead last. The other stations at the bottom were KDLD-FM (103.1); KFWB-AM (980) and KKLA-FM (99.5). Two of those stations (KDLD, KKLA) are not even English language and KFWB is a religious station.

27 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Does USC Have A Top 10 Receiver?

    1. gt —One thing I learned as a kid from watching Perry Mason was that, if you went around threatening people with violence, if and when violence occurred you became the designated defendant.

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  1. It is pretty simple for the radio station their rating will skyrocket once the games start. Especially if you’ve seen ticket prices for this season.

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  2. Amon-Ra St.Brown was ranked 10, because the print media gets their information from the game commentators, and play by play announcers, without doing any research. A few seasons ago, the print media said USC had the best offensive line in college football, based on experience of them playing together as a group. Well, guess where that stupid analogy came from ?

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    1. #USADoesWhateverPetrosTellsThemToDo…..

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  3. SCooter,

    Did you even check the stations and listen to them? Hell no, you didn’t. KKLA, 99.5 is the Christian Station. 980 AM is the Espanole Station. DO YOUR HOME WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Maybe Fink didn’t leave because of the knee procedure he had this week?? Just possibly? scottie is really a pos on this whole Fink thing. Did Fink spurn scottie’s interview request? What a putz.

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  5. Maybe the people making the list relied on more than numbers to make the list. I think this group of receivers is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’m not making a value judgment relative to the other receivers, but I like Pittman’s size a lot. I also see him making a lot of what I would call “football moves”. It’s clear that he’s spent time mixing it up with other people who can play. There are special people in the receiver group and I wish I was as comfortable with the QB group. I’m sorry I couldn’t get out to spring practice and see the QBs for myself. It was clear to me from the reporting that Sam Darnold should’ve been named starter for the Stanford game a couple of years ago instead of Browne. We’d be living a different reality now had the right guy been named then. This seems like another opportunity to either get it right or f*ck up again. What’s it gonna be, Coach?

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    1. Hey Clay…nice to hear from you. It did seem as though Pittman and Vaughns benefited from the double teaming that Amon Ra got, and he still led the team in receptions while Pittman led the team in yards and ypc.

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      1. Good to hear from you as well, P. It’s just nice to be able to throw all these names around to me. If we can only throw the ball to them…

        They like to send Pitt deep and he “makes space” better than anyone else on the team. He’s gonna get called for it at some point, but he’s pretty savvy. I’m expecting a breakout year from Vaughns both receiving and on special teams.

        Again, my primary concern is the triggerman. With the new offense and this WR group, you’re putting a USC QB on a shining path to The Heisman. If you have the right QB… Also, what’s the over/under on the # of AA receivers this offense should produce out of this talent pool? There’s no better place to be as a college QB than at USC right now. From what I saw last year, JT has the classier arm. However, I also saw that the guys are more comfortable with Sears as he seems more approachable to them. After the one game Sears played, I saw Pitt do an interview in which he mentioned that he had to get after JS a little because he missed him on a pass. I watched JT under-throw Pitt several times in one game last year and I bet Pitt didn’t get after him for that series of passes the way he said he got after JS for just one. Sears has something that makes you want to be in the huddle with him. That counts for something and it can potentially count for a lot in a pinch. How do you quantify those intangible dynamics that go on amongst teammates? How do you make a value judgment when you’re comparing something ethereal to something technical? IDK, but if fall practice is open at all, I’m going to go see what I can see for myself.

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      2. I’ll be interested to hear what you think. Pittman did an interview a couple weeks back with Adam Maya and he pretty much said he thought JT would be the qb. But you’re right. He who commands the huddle and makes the plays should be the guy. Can’t wait to see these guys play.


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  6. Michael Pittman is USC’s best receiver and there isn’t even a close second.

    Pittman is the only Trojan receiver able to create separation on a consistent basis.

    Other than Pittman, last years group of Trojan receivers were pushed around, physically unable to handle being pressured at the line of scrimmage.


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