The Pac-12 Buys A Big New York Times Ad

The Pac-12 is so bad that Larry Scott is buying full-page ads in the New York Times calling it the “winningest conference in the country with 13 NCAA titles during the 2018-19 season.”

So Scott is ignoring the woeful state of football and men’s basketball?

Does he think this ad will influence New York-based media to stop bashing the Pac-12? Why would they?


10 thoughts on “The Pac-12 Buys A Big New York Times Ad

  1. Fans across the college football landscape have realized for years now that USC has done it’s Blue Blood football program a great injustice having hired three stooges (Kiffin, Sarkisian, Helton) to run the Trojans football team.

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  2. Larry Scott is doing a below average job, for a salary, that is way above average, so he has to try to show the Pac-12 university presidents that he is thinking outside the box. Even if his “outside the box” thinking will be ineffectual.

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  3. The PAC 12 is the worst power 5 conference in college Football, because the face of it, which happens to be USC, settles for mediocrity. Alabama leads by example, and all the other schools in the SEC feel the pressure to keep up, which makes for a more competitive conference.

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