USC Morning Buzz: Propaganda Machine Works Fine

The fan-friendly sites are trying to cheer on USC’s rush of 2-and-3 star offensive line prospects that have committed recently.

But here’s a list of 15 other guards and tackles that USC offered and are ranked higher than anyone who has currently committed.

The faith in Clay Helton and Tim Drevno by the homers for taking some of these recruits is amazing.

A part of me still believes Helton is just taking as many early commitments as he can to create a perception that recruits want to come to USC. And will dump a couple later if he can win this season or better prospects want to come later.

I don’t remember Drevno doing much when he coached four different four stars in his first stint at USC: Damien Mama, Toa Lobendahn, Viane Talamaivao, Chris Brown. And Zach Banner (a five star) didn’t have his best season either under Drevno.

But all these new two-and-three star commits will be just fine because Drevno has identified them. Here is my response to that courtesy of Jim Healy.

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Propaganda Machine Works Fine

    1. …Unless your center is named Toa Lobendahn, Jr….

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      1. Bono crooning “You’re so cruel” in the background!
        Hard to believe looking back the amount of excitement over the juggernaut offensive line that was to be with Toa and Mama (as I recall it Mama was a 5*, not a 4*)…
        To paraphrase that philosophical giant Shaggy, “Marv Goux…where are you??!!!!!”

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      2. James —Marv’s line about USC’s line vs (name another team’s) line is always being quoted: “Big men on big men” —but implicit in that phrase was “big crazy USC men with death in their eyes” vs. (name another team’s) line.

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      3. MG-As always you nail the bullseye…talent, coaching…and attitude…
        But thinking about T67’s statement above…it occurs…
        In general, how different coaching o-line is, not just on the left coast, but in general, given the changes in offensive systems (a point we’ve belabored before)…
        And as to Drevnow specifically…even though I’m highly critical of this regime/staff, and am pessimistic as to their prospects for affecting a turnaround..
        Is it possible that we overlook some nuances where Coach Drevnow is concerned? Coaching under Clay and Psychobaugh? Changing schemes and personnel…offensive linemen nowadays being more like basketball pick setters than the Goux drive blockers?
        I’d rather just sit back in the shadows and pile on after Fred’s latest, but now I have to ruminate on this…
        Much easier to deal with Mule Drool than being patient and fair!

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      4. James —Guess what? You just (gently) reminded me that Marv’s “drive blockers” might not be what Harrell’s Air Raid needs. Regardless, the o-line is going have to play with an enthusiasm that’s been missing for a couple of years. It hurts to watch the tackles nonchalantly get ready for the next play after each quarterback sack….

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      5. gt —Ah, the Cal game. I’m not sure Toa was living up to what Marv Goux meant when he said “every guy on that line has to believe he’s a one man wrecking crew…”

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      6. Cal75— Yeah. Makes sense……

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  1. YOU talking Propaganda? Rilly. Rilly? Could you be any more of a bed wetting blowhard?

    Drevno was the O-line coach for one year. 2014.

    The S&C coach then was Ivan “I Like Em Blubbery” Lewis. Nuff said.

    Take your weak babble back to the sandbox.

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    1. Mama was probably closer to 360 lbs than 340 as a freshman, the fact they had to start was telling in itself how lacking the line was at the time.

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  2. Nothing wrong with USC recruiting 2 & 3 star offensive linemen as long as they have coaches who know what they’re doing, who can coach those players up, but USC doesn’t and haven’t had competent to good coaching going on 10 years now.

    Recruiting blue collar type players at any position is fine, but you have to have the coaching that is capable of developing skill and like I said, USC hasn’t and still doesn’t have the coaches the players who have committed to attend and play at USC deserve.

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    1. Don’t often agree with you —but, when it comes to the o-line, it’s hard not to…..

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  3. Some of those recent committed offensive lineman are ranked in 100’s at their position. So there’s no reason to get excited until they put on a uniform, and show everyone what they can do. Bozo Helton is scrambling to make things look good on paper with these commitments

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  4. Yimmy, Yimmy, Yimmy, one of the few Clownster’s that would know first hand about the nuances of nailin’ the bullseye.



    1. You know I’ve always just thought you were a product of your environment… being dropped on your head too much as a baby…but you’re just stupid.

      And you’re really good at it. Hahahahaha


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      No, Jenny it is…

      So Jenny, Jenny don’t lose that number…1975 I believe it was…for you, and your Ford Administration fantasies…

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      1. Jenny wake up and yawn…Jenny be tired…but Jenny, Jenny…don’t you lose that number! Back to sleep Lassie…

        Roses are red (cardinal red) and violets are blue (powder blue),
        Sugar is sweeter for Jenny rather than the Mule…

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