USC Afternoon Notes: Recruiting And Great Safeties Cont.

Jeffrey Persi, an offensive tackle from JSerra, committed to Michigan yesterday.

USC was among 27 schools that offered Persi. I’m mentioning because he is a four-star prospect. Not one of the two-or-three stars that committed to USC in the past 10 days.

The homers won’t talk about this, of course. They would rather pat Clay Helton and Tim Drevno on the back for bringing commitments of any kind. Rivals ranks USC’s recruiting class No. 50 right now with 9 commitments. That puts USC right behind Arizona State and West Virginia and just ahead of Cincinnati.

  • I’m still astounded that a USC-centric website put a list together of all-time USC safeties and included Taylor Mays, Kevin Ellison and T.J. McDonald but neglected to list Charles Phillips, Artimus Parker or Joey Browner (among others).

Here’s the thing: Parker has 20 interceptions, the most in USC history. Phillips had 13. Lindon Crow had 10 and was captain of the 1954 team. Crow intercepted a Johnny Unitas pass in the 1958 NFL Championship Game between the Giants and Baltimore Colts, which has become known as the “Greatest Game Ever Played” and a turning point in making pro football the colossus that it is today.

All of those players are from eras where there was less passing than today. Oh, and freshmen were ineligible when Phillips, Parker and Crow played so they did it in three seasons.

Mays had 5 interceptions. McDonald had 8. In four seasons.

32 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Recruiting And Great Safeties Cont.

    1. Even though we’re almost 2 touchdown favorites, USC will jump from around #35 into the top 20 with a a 10 point victory. And we’ll get into the teens with a 1 point victory over Stanford……

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      1. During the preseason of kiffin’s final year, seemed like the school was on an all out media blitz. And of course we remember how it all went sideways quickly. Hoping that all this S & C media isn’t just as hollow. It’d be real disappointing…except for scottie and his minions.

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      2. I think there’s good reason for optimism, Pudly —- (1) real options at QB (I still believe in J.T., though), plenty of great guys to throw at, a great new O.C., a bad ass D-Line coach and three way more than solid running backs. Most teams would kill for that much.

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      3. It doesn’t make me entirely happy to say this (but it makes me mostly happy) —-I see us beating Notre Dame at South Bend and losing to Utah at home (for our first and only home loss of the season).

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      4. Look at the bright side, if we win and the season somehow ends the next day we’ll be bowl eligible.
        Fight on


    1. Just Rent,

      Since Chocolate Chip Kelly is stealing, err being paid by Thug U, my question is, when do the perennial losers start fence jumping again?

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  1. Scotty, regarding the ‘Safeties’ list, get over it! We do when we read all the uninsightful and second hand info you frequently post.
    Thanks to Puds, MG, and a few others, your blog would be trash without their comments.

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      1. And you’re a big reason for it, 67…..

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      2. Scottie brings together many knowledgeable and thoughtful people. Plenty of entertainment value, as well as information.


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      3. Good point, 67. We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the guy who keeps things going (and not just for us ….but for a host of other bloggers who seem to latch on to his stories —and conspiracy theories—about 1 day after he posts them)……

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      1. I still maintain Carlo could have talked his way outta getting iced…..

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    1. My favorite southern Cal safeties are Su’a Cravens and Leon McQuay the 3rd! These guys launched the career of Mike Bercobichie as a “come from behind” qb! I loved the way these guys “snatched defeat from jaws of victory”



      1. MG
        I surmise Soviet may have been given a timeout🌛
        One day he just went deep into uncharted territory…..


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    1. Just when I posted that I learn something new everyday…well, I learned something new today – “log cabin republican”


  2. 60 days til season starts. It’s gonna be slim pickins til then so as a public service, I will show SC fans why the Stanford band will never assemble early on the field—EVER. AGAIN. Pay particular attention to impact near the end. No human was injured in this video.


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