FanDuel Does Not Expect A Big Turnaround

FanDuel came out with its over/under totals and USC is listed at 6.5.

That’s quite a number. Remember, had USC at 8.5 and then quickly lowered it to 7.5.

Below are the numbers from FanDuel for Pac-12 schools:

9.5 Washington

9.0 Oregon

9.0 Utah

8.5 Washington State

7.5 Arizona State

7.0 Arizona

6.5 Stanford

6.5 USC

6.0 Cal

5.5 UCLA

4.5 Colorado

2.5 Oregon State

24 thoughts on “FanDuel Does Not Expect A Big Turnaround

  1. If the Trojans manage to have a good season it won’t be because of Helton, it will be because the Trojan players talent will have overcome incompetent coaching.


      1. With all minimal respect ’83, should Felony U start 0 – 2 or 3 you will gladly join the majority of the bozo rah-rah, sunshine-pumping hyenas circling the caress of Coach Helton.


  2. Fan Duel knows Clay Helton’s not a turnaround coach, he’s a babysitter, who’s keeping the head coaching seat warm for Urban Myer, or some other coach that knows what he’s doing .


    1. You’re dreaming if you think any of the clusterfuck assholes running USC into the ground are going to pony up the money to hire a coach who knows what he’s doing.

      Shit…you must be fucking delusional.

      Get Fucking Real…Gawd Damn!


      1. 6.5 wins is grim. Suppose they lose 3 of 4 to Utah, irish, Washington, and Oregon. So they are assuming Trojans lose another 2 or 3?

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      2. 67 — FanDooDoo is a joke. USC will get off to a good start and surprise people as long as we stay relatively healthy at the skill positions.
        [Tebow seems to be battling demons tonight]…….

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      3. 67 —I guess I’m just dumb cuz I can’t figure out who I’m replying to 50% of the time…….

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      4. TO, Helton is paid $4 million per year. SC is one of a handful of programs in which hiring a top tier coach ($8 million per year, and perhaps another $3 million for better assistants) could generate an additional $15 million in football related revenue.

        It is an investment, not an expense.


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  3. Memo to MG:

    Fake optimism doth not prevent bozo FB from occupying the mushroom cellar.

    #4 – 8andmaybeworse.


      1. That first half…maybe the first quarter…maybe the first drives…

        If they start fast, could lead into a very different future…

        If the offense stalls, and the defense plays Fancy Clancy style, and Fresno smells blood in the water while our kids start sensing regime change in the wind…yikes!

        All a bunch of ifs that must wait until then…can only hope it’s the former and not the latter scenario…I’ll be the first to tip my cap to you and Pudly and the others who are more optimistic…albeit the Hee-Haw hat!


    1. Now this is more like the non-deranged version of the pre-Jenny discovery Mule…

      The death penalty is just pre-O fantasizing…but that 4-8 has a certain reek to it that can’t be dismissed


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      1. I think you nailed it, James. We already know what kind of talent we have,
        we already know the strengths and weaknesses of the coaching staff —but we aren’t going to know how this team views itself, how much it believes in itself, until we’ve seen a full half of football against a solid opponent….

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