Maybe It Is Drama U.?

A lawsuit from a former USC football analyst is not the ideal news on the first day for a new school president.

But how will Carol Folt feel if USC gets hit with a notice of allegations from the NCAA regarding possible basketball violations? That won’t be a good look for Lynn Swann either.

I’ve heard Rick Carr, the fired security director, is fighting to keep his job. Is that going to turn into another embarrassment?

There are so many things to keep track of at USC. Drama comes at any moment like when Swann banned the song girls from the Galen Center.

There is a lot of speculation inside Heritage Hall about Swann’s future. Even the No. 2, Steve Lopes, is getting criticized.

And Clay Helton doesn’t exactly inspire confidence to deal with any of it either. He didn’t even put a statement out denying yesterday’s allegations from the former football analyst.

Maybe that is smart from a legal standpoint but it makes Helton seem like a bumbler, as usual.

14 thoughts on “Maybe It Is Drama U.?

  1. In the interest of public relations, Coach Helton needs to put out one simple statement: “In today’s nutty world of photo shopped images and altered tape recordings any purported evidence of corruption should be viewed with suspicious eyes.”

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    1. MG, I think Felony U would be better served if that unemployed Trump hotty, Sarah “size 70 large” Sanders was employed handle the PR for Felony U’s ongoing “once a week” scandals and Federal Felony indictments.


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      1. Owns – all this coming from someone who voted for HRC, a bull dyke from her college days. Poor Bill, couldn’t get anything at home and chase every skank in Arkansas and DC. No accounting, for your lack of taste

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      2. Don’t try to get me say bad things about my Sarah, Owns…

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  2. Clay Helton is a bumbler, and a dumb ass, too. He’s been in charge of one of the most notable college football programs in the country, and has done nothing but taking it backwards in four years.

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  3. USC needs to lose it’s College Football Blue Blood status.

    USC is going on 10 years now with no attempt or effort at all of bringing Trojan football back to prominence.


  4. Memo to Dear Pisley, SUCCX ugly, ingrown toenail:

    I refer you to the above Linkster homophobic slur!

    Where is your homophobe indignation/accusations when it is undeniably uttered by a SUCCX, rah-rah, sunshine pumping, bigot AH?

    Well, Pisley Dear, what are you waiting for?

    What’s good for the goose, isn’t for the gander, uh Pisley Dear?


    1. ucla still sucks big time which only covers up their bullshit better being a pubic school. Your teeth becomes you truly being a douche bag.


  5. Rick Carr needs to follow in the footsteps of the former business school dean and not sign any confidentiality statements as part of a settlement. USC needs to be exposed. I would love to see Carr give a statement to the L.A. Times like Ellis did and blow the whole house of cards down.


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