USC Afternoon Notes

New USC baseball coach Jason Gill might do a great job but he recently lost a top prospect as pitcher Lucas Gordon of Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks decommitted. Gordon is a top pitching prospect from the Class of 2020.

  • The story of former USC coach John Robinson‘s recent departure just won’t go away. People close to Robinson say he was fired and it was especially significant because Robinson lost some medical benefits in the process. USC insists Robinson retired.
  • Four-star tailback Sam Adams of Sammamish, Wash., committed to Washington today. USC was among 41 schools that offered Adams.

10 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

  1. I suspect JR has more than adequate medical coverage from more than one source.

    If he doesn’t, after his stellar career with several employers, then that’s on him and his financial advisors over the years.

    But thanks anyways for screaming bloody murder at the scene of a pillow fight.

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    1. Sadly, 83, John Robinson is now left uninsured. His financial adviser suggested that he renounce his citizenship, move to Venezuela and then sneak back into the country illegally to get his coverage back.
      [While I’m oversimplifying political matters, may I make a prediction? I’ve been listening to the geniuses on the Republican side detail the questions they have for Mueller — “when did you know there was no obstruction?”, “why did you investigate some matters and not others?” —open ended questions that he’ll knock outta the park. They could kill him if they cited the FBI’s Conflict Of Interest Guidelines —-& all the memos WRITTEN BY MUELLER HIMSELF authoritatively construing them—and, then, demand to know why he violated these guidelines and his construction of them by appointing and working with an all-partisan cast]…..

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      1. You a scary man MG. I’m gonna put you on retainer (will $75 do it?) as my Maui attorney when I’m visiting my brothers condo.

        You’re well versed in drunkinislandvisitor law in that state right?


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      2. MG, I suppose Mueller will give the usual verbatim standard Republican answers:

        1) “I don’t remember.”
        2) “I don’t recall.”
        3) “I have no such recollection.”
        4) “I have no frame of reference specific to your question.”
        5) “This committee has no authority to ask that question.” (Sort of a Roger Stone special attack response.)

        MG, for all your education and professional experience, you come across on Wolf’s blog as a Fox F**K News propaganda Stooge.

        Recently, Biggy T tweeted to 5 Congress Women telling them to go back to their countries of origin. MG, 4 of 5 were born in the US and the 5th became an American citizen in 2000.

        Your FB priorities aside MG, you sound like an intelligent human, that is until you betray that intelligence by loudly aligning yourself with Putain’s sock puppets – Biggy T and Fox F**K News.

        #Biggy T, 11,000 lies and counting

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      3. 83 —I’ll do better than represent you in court, old buddy —just give me a call & I’ll be waiting in the Monkeypod parking lot to drive you home…..

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      4. My dear friend, Owns,
        What would this site do without you? [I actually mean that}…
        As for the rest:
        I’m not a Trump fan,
        I’m sure not a Republican fan,
        And I’m not a fan of cable news. Period. I mean, what a joke.
        [But something stinks at the FBI —& I’m surprised you don’t feel the same way. I don’t think it could even reasonably be argued LAPD could get a warrant on a porno distributor with the quality of evidence the FBI had on Trump —but to apply for & get a FISA warrant to spy on a candidate for President of the United States without reliable evidence —-wow!]…….

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      5. Owns, T isn’t worthy of having “Biggy” in front of his name; Biggie Smalls, the original Notorious, would be rolling in his grave.


      6. It’s funny how the Trump supporters conveniently like to forget that the Congressional investigations into Russian interference in the General Election and collusion with the Trump campaign officials were started by republicans, as they controlled both the House and Senate during Trump’s first 2 years in office.

        Who was it that appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Russia and Trump, oh that’s right…it was Trump appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


    2. Owns gets all his info from Rachael Madcow on MSNBC. He/she (which is she Owns?) has seen his/her rating plummet after wasting all her time on the Trump/Russia conspiracy. I am sure he/she visits you in your progressive dreams dressed in black as always. Too bad your Queen went down in 2016. who goes down in 2020? LMAO at you Owns.

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      1. Owns worshipped The One, his Messiah Barack Hussein Obama. When his heart throb Rachel Maddow choked back tears and announced at 9PM PST Tuesday November 8th 2016 that Hitlery had lost, poor little Owns assumed the fetal position and hasn’t been the same since. Instead of getting professional help for his Trump Derangement Syndrome and dealing with the loss, he latched onto Hiltery’s Russian Collusion Hoax for 3 years until the Mueller Report dashed his dreams. Now the poor sap has no reason to live.


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