USC Morning Buzz: Donor Unrest Continues

At least three donors have decided to write USC out of their wills, per a booster who has donated millions.

They are unhappy with issues related to the university. And at least one of the three blames Lynn Swann, who was abrasive to the donor once for not donating more money.

  • Since it is Monday, it is worth noting the athletic dept. has not yet announced how it will honor the 1969 and 1994 teams now that the Salute to Troy was canceled.
  • The Salute to Troy did have some value because it was the last time I saw former USC offensive lineman Lou Byrd at a football-related event.
  • USC had gone from 1926-51 without an African-American player until running back Addison Hawthorne joined the team in 1952. Hawthorne was the first African-American to play at USC since All-American Brice Taylor in 1925.
  • Below, Byrd is addressing fans after a game in 1958. The cheerleader is Barney Rosenzweig, who later became a TV producer (Cagney and Lacey).

9 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Donor Unrest Continues

  1. I’m confused. Are you a donor if you only donate money, but a booster when you give money that supports athletes? What is the difference? What if you boost the donor’s money? Oh wait that makes you an administrator. And you donate the booster’s money to your charity you are an Athletic Director.

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  2. Today may be a nice time to pay tribute to Barney Rosenzweig’s brother, Joel. Not only did Joel direct Cagney and Lacey as a relative youngster, his master’s thesis (!) at USC was the world premier staging of the Who’s rock opera “Tommy.” He was himself a natural performer. I will always remember the night we were addressing the Pan Hellenic Council as candidates for President of the USC student body. I referred to some notes in my presentation (looking up from time to time to give an air of spontaneousness). Joel came to the podium, held up his notes to the packed auditorium and dramatically tore them in half, saying “I don’t need these –I’d like to talk to you from the heart.”
    Joel died way too young in 2014. He will always be missed by all who knew him. Great, great guy.

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      1. My pleasure, 83. It was nice to see that photo of Barney and be reminded of Joel —brought back lots of memories of Joel and his girlfriend buying penniless Mikey french dip sandwiches & jelly beans at Farmers’ Market.
        Joel is the one to blame for me not starving as an undergraduate……

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