Afternoon Notes: USC Taking Odd Recruits

Rivals recruiting analyst Mike Farrell doesn’t mince words about USC recruiting: “USC is taking guys it would never take in other years.”

Remember some of the homer pundits are trying to say recruiting is fine and claim all the lightly recruited three-star offensive linemen being taken is really a genius move.

They also gave good reviews to cornerback Trey Davis, who didn’t even make it through the summer before he transferred.

  • Would Lynn Swann really force out successful men’s tennis coach Peter Smith?

“(Smith) has had two discreet job interviews in the last month,” said a source from the tennis world. “It means he’s known for awhile.

“He has been at some of his son’s summer tournaments not wearing any USC gear. And this is a guy who lives in his USC clothes.”

20 thoughts on “Afternoon Notes: USC Taking Odd Recruits

      1. …or a little longer yet —so we could see Wyatt send Curly to his eternal reward and Doc put a bullet into Ringo’s forehead……

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    1. I find to be so anti USC. Can they report anything positive? We have seen at other institutions where 5 star recruits don’t pan out! I can’t wait for this 2019 season to be over! So much negativity! I sure hope the team prove everyone wrong! Fight on forever!


  1. Take a look at the Top 300 high school senior football players in the U.S. There just is not many 4* + O linemen out there in the Western US.

    Tosh Baker a 4* OT from Phoenix is going to Notre Dame – apparently because he is Catholic.

    Myles Murao a 4* Center from Mater Dei is committed to Washington – probably because he would not be getting any playing time at SC with Neiland and Dedich ahead of him.

    The above players are the ONLY 4 star offensive linemen listed on 247/sports in the Western U.S. The others are 3*.

    So I do not see a trend of SC losing out on 4* O linemen. Arguably, SC got the best of the crop of 3* linemen.

    Drawing O linemen from other parts of the country is not going to happen unless SC returns to the National Championship era again.

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    1. Aren’t ALL of bama’s oline recruits 3* this class?? They were last time I looked two weeks ago? And the buckeyes have 9 3* recruits in this class so far.

      Of course we just got back Bru and Steele, so the sky must be fallin!! It’s almost August after all.

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      1. Good points, Pudly.
        Sincere question —-how comfortable are you with Drevno as 0-Line coach?

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      2. Yes he did, Cloud. My question: Is the guy who seems (totally) burned out in recent interviews with Trojan beat writers the same Drevno who did such a stellar job at Stanford and San Francisco?

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      3. MG,
        Harbaugh was shown the door in SF. I cannot even imagine being around him 24/7 as a subordinate.
        BTW, most people are glad to be FROM Michigan.
        Harbaugh would make coffee nervous. & it snows in Michigan in October. Good reasons to leave.

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      4. Difference being, Ohio State, and Alabama have competent coaching staffs, who develop players, you Dumb Ass. So stop being a Trojan ass suck, Pudly cock sucker 76 😂😂😂. Btw, how your big titi daughter ? Send her my love, please!


  2. “Remember some of the homer pundits are trying to say recruiting is fine and claim all the lightly recruited three-star offensive linemen being taken is really a genius move.”

    Pudly and the rest of the other Helton Humper Sunshine Pumpers believed hiring this clown was another one of Helton’s genius moves…


    No head coach with an ounce of common sense would hire that idiot Neil Callaway.

    How in the hell did Clay Helton get away with keeping that idiot on staff for nearly three years?


    1. “No head coach with an ounce of common sense would hire that idiot Neil Callaway.”

      100% True.

      But regarding your other statement, I have never seen one post on here by anyone claiming anything other than Callaway was a disaster.

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      1. So fricking true, 67 —-everybody here knew that Callaway was NOT the guy (there were rumors at the time that Helton went after at least 3 other bigger name o-line coaches ….but he couldn’t land any of them)……
        It’s not that Callaway doesn’t know anything about o-lines, it’s that he is the worst communicator on earth. How could anybody play football after being been exposed to Callaway’s [huffing & puffing] Walter Brennan act all week? That’d suck the life outta any player.

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  3. “Little Luke I done told ya a thousand million times that ya can’t …um…ah…darnation! …. I can’t remembers what I done told ya….”

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