USC Morning Buzz: A Pro-Helton, Anti-Swann Fan

When Riki (Gray) Ellison criticized Lynn Swann on Facebook, it was hardly unusual. He has been outspoken in the past, especially about former athletic director Pat Haden.

But Ellison actually seems to be a supporter of Clay Helton with this post.

This might make Ellison the only anti-Swann, pro-Helton USC fan.

14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Pro-Helton, Anti-Swann Fan

  1. “The LA Times article by Bill Plasche clearly articulated the incompetence over the past two years this morning”

    Some of that “incompetence” displayed by Swann was giving Clay Helton a contract extension.

    As for Helton not drinking or sleeping around, what the hell does that have to do with whether Helton is qualified to be the Trojans head coach?

    Sam Darnold, Ronald Jones, Adoree Jackson and a few other talented Trojan players were responsible for all of the wins during Helton’s first two years as head coach. If not for Darnold improvising, having to scramble and make something out of nothing from the crap offense and play calling Helton was running, not to mention Darnold and Jones having to deal with an offensive line being coached by Neil Callaway, a coach who should never have been hired in the first place because he doesn’t know shit about blocking or anything else…if not for those talented Trojans having to overcome the terrible coaching by Helton and Callaway, the Trojans don’t win the Rose Bowl and make it to the Cotton Bowl.

    Trojan fans witnessed exactly how bad of a coach Clay Helton is last season when he led the Trojans to a 5-7 record (4-5 in conference).

    Clay Helton has been coaching the Trojans for 9 years and during those 9 years USC has had the #1 ranked recruiting class in the PAC 12 every year and many of those recruiting classes were Top 5 in the nation with a few ranked #1 nationally.

    Having been handed those highly ranked recruiting classes, there’s no excuse for Clay Helton having led the Trojans to 5-7 (4-5 PAC) record…especially with PAC 12 football being weak vs orher P5 conference teams.

    And as for Clay Helton’s ethical leadership of his players off the field, quite a few of his players and recruits have been arrested and charged with a host of crimes from domestic assault, sexual assault, burglary, battery, etc.

    So this notion that Clay Helton is running a clean program and that he won a PAC 12 Title and Rose Bowl is horse shit. Helton’s second rate coaching has never been more evident and on display when you look back at the Trojans 2018 season. Helton was clearly outcoached vs teams with a lot less talent than what the Trojans have which led to Trojan losses and too many close games vs lesser competition where the Trojans should have won easily.

    Who gives a shit about whether Clay Helton is a nice guy? Helton can’t coach worth a shit and that’s just a simple fact.

    If USC is fine with Helton running a mediocre at best football program so be it, but USC should not be claiming that Helton is capable of returning Trojan football back to prominence because that is a flat out fucking lie and a pipe dream and everyone knows it!

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    1. Logical arguments, crisp sentences, a minimum of four letter words (he made it all the way to the last 2 paragraphs before opening the trap doors).

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    2. Amen to that!

      On a playful but also serious thought I wonder what former players say to Swann when they are behind closed doors tossing a few cold ones back.

      “Swann…….what the f*** are you doing at the school?”


  2. According to Phil Steele

    Phil who? Exactly!

    But here is what he wrote about Top Draft Eligible CFB players on the West Coast…

    *** Top draft-eligible players:

    There are 1,024 of them according to Phil which would leave out of the mix the likes of USC’s JT Daniels, who will appear numerous places elsewhere, (Why would be anyones guess. All the 5 Star recruit hype, praise and lofty expectations will wear off this coming season when J.T. Daniels proves last years poor performances were no fluke – Tebow Obama) and Amon-Ra St. Brown. But they’re not the only ones missing. Just 10 USC players make the list although Phil has an 11th listed with the AWOL — or maybe just absent — Daniel Imatorbhebhe still included.

    *** Zeroing the Trojans out:

     We’ll start with where USC does not show up and for a team that has recruited so well — in three of the last four years, (More like, since forever – Tebow Obama)) anyway — and what that says a lot about the lack of development. (What that says is that Clay Helton is in over his head, he’s a second rate coach and has no business wasting talent at USC) There are no quarterbacks (as having a starting sophomore would predict) among the 75 listed, but no running backs (out of 75) either, no centers (out of 47 listed), no offensive guards (out of 47), no outside linebackers (out of 69), no corner backs (out of 51), no free safeties (out of 41) or strong safeties (out of 41), no punters or kickers (out of 25 each), no kickoff returners (out of 20) or long snappers (out of eight).

    *** 10 for the show: So where did USC players show up for Phil? As you’d expect, there are two wide receivers (Tyler Vaughns, No 18 of 75) and Pittman, No. 19). Grad transfer Drew Richmond from Tennessee is No. 28 among offensive tackles, the only USC O-lineman named. Christian Rector is No. 29 of the 91 DE’s at a place of strength for USC with three junior defensive tackles on his list of 91 there — No. 3 Jay Tufele, No. 13 Marlon Tuipulotu and No. 46 Brandon Pili. Two inside linebackers are listed — No. 34 of 69 John Houston and No. 67 Jordan Iosefa — but this shows Phil’s ability to lose something in the cracks with no Palaie Gaoteote, who does show up later on Phil’s All-Pac-12 teams. The only other Trojan listed is Vaughns at No. 20 among 20 punt returners.


    So yeah, it’s pretty much a known fact that it does not matter how many highly rated recruiting classes and talent USC is able to provide Clay Helton with, he is such a bad coach, he has a proven track record of Zero Player Development throughout the 9 years he’s been coaching at USC.

    There hasn’t been one Trojan football player during the 9 years Clay Helton has been coaching USC football that has ever mentioned or attributed Helton’s coaching in helping to develop his talent…not a one!

    So it’s well past time that the idiots at USC who are overseeing the clusterfuck that Max Nikias, Pat Haden, Lynn Swann and Clay Helton created…wake the hell up and get a clue!

    Time to clean house in USC’s Athletic Dept. first and foremost, doesn’t matter who you fire first Helton or Swann, but they both need to go so get it done.

    As for Max Nikias, the USC BoT really needs to stop listening to that asshole that has done nothing but build a culture of corruption at USC.


    1. Dumbass copying dan weber’s piece and not even reading it so as to understand that JT and Amon-Ra aren’t listed because their sophomores and AREN’T draft eligible…which dan pointed out but tbone was to stupid to actually read.
      Word for for plagiarism…figures. But can’t even figure it out then.

      trollboy dumbass


      1. Pudly wrote:

        “Dumbass copying dan weber’s piece and not even reading it so as to understand that JT and Amon-Ra aren’t listed because their (“their”? It’s “fhey’re” you Dumb Fuck…LOL!) sophomores and AREN’T draft eligible…which dan pointed out but tbone was to (“to”? It’s “too” Pudly Dumb Ass…LMFAO!) stupid to actually read.
        Word for for plagiarism…figures. But can’t even figure it out then.

        trollboy Pudly dumbass

        Yes Pudly, you are too fucking stupid.

        That was Phil Steeles article that Dan Weber of 247Sports posted in his thread, but you’re too much of a fucking retard to figure that out. And the part about J.T. Daniels and Amon Ra St. Brown, neither I or Steele stated that they were draft eligible, but if you didn’t always have your head up your ass and if you had an ounce of reading comprehension skill…you would have known that.

        Stupid Pudly clowned his own Dumb Ass again…Classic!


      2. Shut your stupid ass up, you dumb ass Mutha Fucker, Pudly 76 . Every time someone makes a point, you want to discredit them. How would you like me to come Fuck your daughter , and Stink Ass wife, would you like that ?


    2. Good stuff!

      I just want to add that Clay Helton is the leader of soft football at USC, but let’s not forget that Clancy Pendergast is the most overrated Defensive Coordinator in College Football. That guy’s a joke.


  3. “they’re” that was a typo.

    Pudly dumb fuck used “their” when he wrote, “because their sophomores”

    LOL! What an idiot!


  4. Ellison posted that on Facebook towards the end of LAST season, in 2018, not recently, Wolf. Unless he re-posted it “an hour ago” on Facebook, that is a very old post from last year. It would be interesting to hear if Riki (not the sharpest tool in the shed) still supports Clay Helton.


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