The Strange Case Of Daniel Imatorbhebhe

It’s still a little weird how vague USC was about tight end Daniel Imatorbhebhe and his departure from the program.

CLAY HELTON: “Daniel is doing well. Daniel is this year going to focus on finalizing his master’s degree as well as continuing to train. But he’s doing well. He won’t be with us this season, but is doing well.

Q. Could he come back?

CLAY HELTON: I look forward to watching him play in the 2020 season. I really do.

Helton seemed clear by his tone that Imatorbhebhe would play elsewhere.

So he is going to play for another school in 2020? Why? And where was he the past 2 seasons? Remember this was a guy who was a preseason All-American 2 years ago? And Clay Helton won’t give a straight answer.

He was injured but it seemed like it took way too long to recover and when he did, he never played.

9 thoughts on “The Strange Case Of Daniel Imatorbhebhe

      1. It must be nice to have your school paid for because you catch a pass in a game and then limp off into the field of your choice. He was not wanted while in the portal of doom otherwise he’d be gone, but no we get to watch our scholarship dollars at work in somebody else’s place.


      2. Sorry, but Daniel wasn’t in the portal at any point that I remember. He hurt his hip flexor and he still hasn’t recovered, regardless of scottie’s assertions.
        His brother entered the portal and ended up at Illinois, perhaps that’s who you were thinking about??

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      3. Another way to look at it, and I’m sure I’ll get slammed for this, he sacrificed his body on a daily basis during the time he played. How much are your limbs worth? He will probably have trouble with his hip Gordon the rest of his life- how much is that worth to you? I’m sure he’s grateful for his scholarship, but the scholarship doesn’t mean that you own him, his body, and everything else..


    1. If you drive down Figueroa slow enough they’ll hand you one of those coveted masters degrees. Oh mercy nurse!!! ROFL

      Stupid dummies. A masters at sc is like a summer session at SMCC.


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