USC Morning Buzz: “Official Offer” Time

Offensive lineman Andres Dewerk, who committed weeks ago, received an “official offer” last night from USC.

So that means all these recruits get offers they cannot actually expect to count for anything? And even an official offer can be rescinded any time before signing day.

A coach at another PAC-12 school wondered yesterday what the philosophy is at USC these days with the coaching staff? USC has not had a commitment from a universally recognized four-star prospect in more than a year.

39 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: “Official Offer” Time

    1. Pudly 76 is one of the main Dumb fucks, who drinks the false hope Kool Aid this time of year. If USC named a Chimp as their head football coach, ole Puds would find greatness in him. He thought Lane Kiffin, and Steve Sarkisian were the best thing since sliced bread, but both were fired for being a Dumb Fucks like Puds 😂. And please believe me, Bozo Helton, and his sidekick, Graham Harrell will soon follow 😂😂


    2. Pudly — I think our best answer to tebow will come in the form of the Stanford game……which USC will win…
      I noticed something —tebow knows his baseball. You know who else on this site (besides Alv) really knows baseball? Owns! Is tebow also Owns?

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      1. You Sunshine Pumping Bozo’s will will be eating crow before that Stanford game.

        Fresno St. is going to put the clamps on this ridiculous crap air raid offense concept that those clowns Helton and Harrell are going to try and run.

        “Air Raid”? Pffft!

        5 -10 yard quick out and slant passes aren’t going to get it done.

        Real Trojan football is a power running game combined with pass protection to where the QB can get the ball downfield 15 -25 yards.

        Fresno St. will be the death knell for Clay Helton and his fraudulent career as a football coach.

        After that USC will have no other option but to spend the money to usher in the Urban Meyer era of Trojan football and it’s return to prominence.


      2. The only thing you Sunshine Pumping Bozo’s succeeded at is making jackasses out of yourselves by supporting that other incompetent clown Clay Helton for as long as you have.


      3. You can take it to the bank that queenie obummer1 & owns the mule are junior college(at best) wanna be rejects. Both just cancer here & in their life.
        At least mule is somewhat amusing 20% of the time.


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      4. Speaking of incompetent clowns, cal hippie has to chime in. Mention Bozo and that clown comes running.



      5. MG,
        Notice how teblow has no real life references? That’s because there’s no there there. Just like Oakland.


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      6. MG,
        I regret to inform you that Dreyers Creamery on College is closed. My fraternity Bro, Steve Wolff-no relation- dad used to own Dreyers. We never ran out of desert. Mr. Wolff, the most beloved man at CAL.


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      7. Cal75 —What a bright observation. You’re right. T-bow or Teboe or tebow or whoever doesn’t allude to anything in his own world when discussing things —he doesn’t seem to have a past or present …or future. He’s a bit like one of the characters in the porno films I used to prosecute —he just kinda appears outta nowhere …

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      8. gt —Tulsi blew Kamala’s cover last night. Kamala’s voice was shaking as she tried to defend her crappy record as A.G —something she never had to do in the loony California political landscape —where she’s been treated with kid gloves. Now, like the hack she is she’s resorted to “mean girl” tactics —“I’m first tier —I don’t have to respond to second tier people!” What an insult to the voters who want some answers outta her.

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      9. How’s this for a real life reference, I was attending Trojan football games when most of you Sunshine Pumpers were still shittin’ yellow.

        And before cal hippie was thinking he was contemplating joining the hippie movement that was actually a brainwashing program set up by the government that mapped out his future for him.

        That cal hippie clown didn’t have sense enough back then to realize that his destiny was a product of PSYOP manipulation.


      10. Cal75 —Man, that is sad news! I hope you had a chance to try one of the Dreyers $8 malts before they closed. On our walk back from Berkeley to the Oakland Hills, I’d always split one of those with my wife (actually, I’d have about two thirds of it). Classic Oakland location– within a couple blocks of each other were a church, a pizza joint, a couple of barber shops, a toy store, a pub (I think that great pub went out of business before I left, though).

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      11. Cal75—
        Actually a great guy I used to play football with, Craig Denault, (who nevertheless did tell the coach after the first offensive series, “Coach, Guarino doesn’t know the plays”) really DID date Morgan Fairchild. He died tragically — but was one hell of a talented guy and a very gifted athlete….


    3. More dumb Bull Shit that the big boys in the SEC are laughing at 😂😂😂. The USC coaching staff does everything, but coach physical tough football 😂😂. They talk tough, post tough guy videos like this dumb shit right here, but their teams get pushed around by lesser opponents week after week, like little Bitches 😂


  1. The kids are fully aware of our coaching staff. If you are a 4/5 star recruit that thinks you have a good chance at making the pros you are making a poor decision to commit anywhere that does not have a staff that can help make you all you can be. So…..a few that are not great thinkers, have a legitimate interest in living in southern cal with all its USC connections, has a good position coach at USC or were born as a Trojan will still consider USC. The rest will look elsewhere. Unfortunately….the Helton legacy.

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    1. You’re only partially right —USC has very good coordinators (yes, Clancy is very good —check out the Pac 12 Title game, particularly the last stop, as ONE example among many), and we somehow snagged a great d-line coach. Other than that, I have to admit you’ve got a point, Fred.

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      1. With Clancy, I feel that SC gets lucky by stopping a team. With Don Lindsey, there was no question that SC would stop a team. That is the bar I set for defenses at SC.

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      2. You’re right, pt —- Don was special. He had his players so ready & so pumped that offenses felt overwhelmed by the second half….

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  2. Here’s something I can guarantee you. No coach is thinking about universally recognized four star recruits within a calendar year. That’s just stupid and lazy “reporting”.

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  3. If USC wasn’t able to annually recruit itself and had to solely rely on Helton’s second rate coaching ability and last season’s 5-7 (4-5 Conf.) record to lure in highly rated recruits…Trojan football would really be fucked.

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  4. “And even an official offer can be rescinded any time before signing day.”

    What program doesn’t do this?

    Suppose a five star lineman wants to come and there was no scholy?

    Scottie, would you want Helton to pass on the 5-star, or bail on an existing 3-star commit and give the scholy to the 5-star?

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    1. Much like your head…

      trollboy is vested in “ruin”ing this site, certainly what some would call a fitting way to go for scottie and his Trojan friendly blog.

      keep it up trollboy



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      1. Pudly —Once the season starts, this site will only be big enough for tebow….or ALL the rest of us….

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  5. So reading through the comments I finally realized why there are so many trolls on this site. It started this morning with a repeat of the article about Bruins starting practice, printed in today’s paper. I glanced through it yesterday and thought maybe the newspaper made a mistake today , but all the other articles were new. So I figured they need to run the same story 3 times so the Bruins will have time to look up the words they don’t know before their husbands take the paper to line the bird cage. You might ask why a pet bird? That’s simple so the wife will have someone to talk to when the husband is flipping burgers.
    But back to why there are so many trolls… obviously the tactic of the low is to try to lower their opponents to their level. It is exactly why I don’t troll Bruin sites I can’t lower my writing to less than one syllable.
    Finally as a note to Pudly 76; If TO has a PhD in stupid his masters must be in baiting. You gotta hand it to him for keep it up so long. He clearly beats to the march of a different drummer. His professor was on hand for the ceremony. But these days he likes to be handy wherever he goes.

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      1. Queenie posting from the single wide reminiscencing about attending SC games as a child.


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      2. If I have to explain it, you are thicker than Pudly 76 has projected. However, I will try.
        If you have a Master’s degree in baiting, you are a master baiter. Thus all the double entendres such as “hand in it” or beats to the march of a different drummer.
        I am sorry that went over your head.
        For the record I graduated from Covina High School and our hall of fame had 3 Trojans in it when I graduated in 1973
        If I had attended Colton High School I would boast of a couple of Trojan and NFL alumnus. Where I live is closer to Rialto Eisenhower High home Ronnie Lott.
        Have a nice day TO do try to switch hands occasionally.

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      3. RialtoTrojan
        Allan Bradford went to Colton HS. About 2006-8. Rated 6.1 5*. Pretty successful SC RB. 6yrs NFL LB 2011-2017.

        Hell of a nice guy too.

        Queenie need to go hang with his crowd. Complete waste of time & space. A cancer.


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