USC Morning Buzz: Odd Scrimmage Schedule

This is a bit of a weird one. When USC scrimmages at the Coliseum on Aug. 17, the team will sign autographs before the scrimmage (see above).

Before the scrimmage? One former USC player told me there was no way he could sign autographs or take pictures an hour before the scrimmage because he would be too focused on the mock game.

In the past, USC always had players sign autographs at the spring game AFTER the scrimmage.

There is a possible answer: Clay Helton is really planning a light workout and not a real scrimmage.

If that is the case, then don’t charge fans $10 a ticket and $20 to park.

  • When JT Daniels threw his interception yesterday, he was under pressure and hurried the throw. Remember from last season that Daniels did not like to get hit.
  • Former Raiders star wide receiver Cliff Branch died yesterday at 71. It’s incredible that he is not in the NFL Hall of Fame but Lynn Swann is a member.

52 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Odd Scrimmage Schedule

      1. Yes, it did. Multiple times during the season, players were seen texting during games …and, once, were witnessed actually taking selfies. Throw in some sideline fights and some penalties for players cursing at the fans and you can’t deny Helton’s loss of control. I’m not a Helton hater —-I wish he were a better coach, though. A lot of people have forgotten that Helton took over playcalling in the Oregon State game to make it look as though he knew how to call a game —but he lost EVERY game after that. For the sake of giving the team a fighting chance he needs to limit his involvement in practices and games —-he just isn’t “the guy.” He should know that by now. So should Swann.

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  1. Lynn Swann belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame. He just doesn’t belong in the A.D.’s Office. In the words of Chigurh from No Country For Old Men, Swann “should admit his situation—- it would be more dignified.”

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  2. When is USC coaching staff going to wake up and realize that Daniels is a different QB when he is in a game under pressure instead of the cupcake practices where Helton thanks the defense for not touching the QB. Daniels doesn’t have the time very often to wind up and throw those high arching, alley-oop passes in college like he did in high school. They are going to have to test him under pressure better if they want to win games. Imagine a running back who you told the defense not to touch during practices and then in games he wilted. Throwing little 3 yard dinks is a way around this but then you don’t win games that way even though it might be called “air raid”.

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    1. USC is suffering from the same condition the ruins suffered from 5 years ago when they promised a 5 star QB and his parents the moon to get him to come play for them. The ruins prima donna Josh Rosen cost Jim Mora his job, will Porn ‘Stache cost Helton his job? Funny how college football coaches gets greedy and make the same mistake over and over and never learn from it.

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      1. gt — I hear ya, buddy: J. T. has his faults —but I don’t think he’s a prima donna. Somebody said something about him needing to get “tested.” Well, he got tested plenty against Washington State and he looked pretty darn good bringing the Trojans back against a very well coached team. But —something happened to Daniels after the Utah game. Something beyond the concussion. I think he lost confidence in the coaching, the o-line (and his center, in particular). Unlike that true prima donna, Rosen, J. T. was too much a team player to just take the rest of the season off —he continued to play. But he was never the same.
        If this season goes down the toilet, it won’t be because of J. T. —it’ll be a mix of factors like last season. My hope is that Helton limits his interaction with the team during practices and games —and that the o-line grows up in a hurry. Somebody online pointed out that the reason our d-line looks so great in practice is that the o-line is just as bad as ever. That’s on Helton and Drevno —not on J. T.

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      2. My Dear Friend (Comrade) Owns,
        Rosen has more physical talent than J. T. —no question.


  3. Everyone knows Helton is a crap coach.

    Only 2 returning starters on the Trojan O Line, if Daniels thought he got pressured and beat up last year, he can expect more of the same this year.

    It will be just a matter of time before Sears is the starter, Daniels can’t take a hit and he has no mobility.


    1. Fresno State is for crap in every category this season —except d-line. If Drevno’s o-line holds up in the opener, we might be in good shape this year. If it doesn’t, even Harrell won’t be able to save the offense.

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      1. MG, not so true:

        Fresno State plays FB in MWC, the same conf. as Utah St., who MG, you might recall annihilated Coach Harrell’s last game for No. Tixas St., 52 – 13 @ the New Mexico Bowl.

        Fresno St. 12 – 2 in 2018

        Punched UCLA’s lights out 38 – 14.

        MWC Champions: F. St. 19 – Boise St 16

        Las Vegas Bowl victors: F St 31 – Az St 20


        bozo u: 5 – 7 in 2018; 000000000000000 for Ca, and last but not least UCLA bitch slapped the bozo’s up and down the RB field 34 – 27.

        #Clown U Mushrooms: 4 – 8 in 2019!


      2. Dear Owns —I actually agree with some of what you’ve written —but this year’s Fresno isn’t last year’s Fresno (except for a very strong d-line, they are missing a lot of parts from 2018).


      3. I still think that losing Kingsbury and picking up Harrell might be a plus. I think that he might turn out to be a great OC. He really performed wonders at NTS with a minimum amount of talent.

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  4. Yeah.. like every qb from pop warner to the pros knows… quarterbacks always get hit in practice especially when NOT in pads. Who would worry about injuries the second practice of the season?? This is as stupid a thought as krappa and his little brother trollboy have come up with yet.

    Keep it up fellas, you football knowledge is impressive…even scottie has got to be chuckling at you. Hahahahaha!



    1. BTW, the previous pic is JT’s interception yesterday. There were three the previous day. I wonder who threw those…bet it wasn’t JT or we would’ve known it.

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      1. 100% a corner who guessed correctly on a route. I know scott is not allowed to go to the practices, but he should at least look at some video before posting nonsense.

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      2. Others said there was a blitz coming, so he did rush the throw to “hot” receiver but they don’t hit QBs in practice on any level. Probably why they wear those funny color jerseys…

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      3. There is gonna be a period of adjustment here —J. T. has been told he needs to make his mind up faster, not to think as much as he did last year. This is gonna result in interceptions for a while —-but, hopefully, he’ll [soon] start waiting for that “open grass” Harrell is telling the qb’s to look for before throwing. Air Raid qb’s have to walk a tightrope between being too careful and being too impulsive. Either extreme leads to disastrous results.

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      4. Pudly —It’s hard to tell from the brief clip above (thank you for posting it, btw) but it looks like there are a lot of bodies around J. T. in VERY short order. He didn’t seem to have time to do ANYTHING except throw it to the first player he saw.

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      5. P. S.
        I just watched clip again —this interception is all on J. T. —nobody is closing on him yet. He threw the ball before he had to….

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  5. Isn’t fascinating that several no experience trolls who do not & couldn’t attend SC or Cal or Stanford if their life depended on it have so many answers.

    No history, no experience, no bonafides but yet complete experts. Amazing what the internet does to little Johnsons.

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    1. Gosh ’86, you would certainly know best.

      BTW ’86, have you passed your balloon vendor tests? I’m informed it’s critical balloon vendors know their left hand from the right.

      Practice, practice, practice ’86.

      #Prortal on.


  6. Looking closer at the schedule I missed 12:30 turn on TV ignore Coliseum because it’s going to be freaking hot. I don’t collect autographs and Helton runs his scrimmage like all girl schools run their father daughter dance. I think the NFL preseason will give me more action.

    Yesterday I posted a lengthy opinion however it has disappeared. The essence of the piece was that for too long the position of Athletic Director has been an honorary position. It’s kinda like being the Mayor of Westwood, you get to meet the press, smile and wave, but you have no real duties. I also mentioned that the underpinnings of the department have eroded to leave a corrupt mismanagement of athletes. USC needs to hold a legitimate and public search for a real administrator with experience who will clean house.

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    1. Totally agree, Steve. Athletic Director is not a ceremonial post — like Prom Queen. More should be expected of Swann than waving from a car while holding a bouquet of red roses.

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  7. “One former USC player told me there was no way he could sign autographs or take pictures an hour before the scrimmage because he would be too focused on the mock game.”

    Scott, did you ask other former players the same question and if so, what were their answers? Did you choose to show us only the negative ones?

    BTW on that pic, it looks like the receiver #15 (London, I think) could have made more of an effort to come back for the ball or at least push #4 off so he couldn’t make a play.

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    1. Sincerely hope our receivers are ready to fight for the ball this season. Word got out after the Stanford game—fairly or unfairly —that you could push our guys around (Coach Whittingham amazingly alluded to this in the pregame interview last year, explicitly saying his guys would win the physical battles cuz they were tougher ). USC receivers can expect lots of interference from Pac 12 corners w/o getting any calls. This season it’s up to us to do what we have to to make sure we win the physical battles — all finesse football all the time won’t cut it.


      1. Pudly —I don’t know about cigars —I was referring to Rosen’s habit of walking into the front office, lifting his dress and showing off his new thong to his boss.

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    1. As pointed out, one good practice isn’t enough, “there’s lots of time left” and anything can happen.


      1. MG wrote: “As pointed out, one good practice isn’t enough”

        Especially when J.T. Daniels has those 6 horrible losses to his record and on his resume.

        But keep pumping that sunshine…LOL!




    Opportunity for player autographs

    Tour the newly-built Scholarship Club Tower

    Check out your new seats around the venue

    Take photos with Traveler

    Appearances by USC Marching Band & Song Girls

    Recognition of the USC Football anniversary teams

    Class of 1969 (50th Anniversary)

    Class of 1994 (25th Anniversary)

    Class of 2009 (10th Anniversary)


    1:30 PM – Gates open

    2:15-3:15 PM – Player autographs on the Peristyle

    3:30 PM – Scholarship Club Tower guided tours

    4:00-6:00 PM – Football scrimmage

    5:30 PM – Scholarship Club Tower open house

    6:30 PM – Event ends


    And Max Nikias just keeps sticking to USC Football. Can that asshole be anymore blatant with his hatred for Trojan football?

    Nikias couldn’t give two shits about recognizing any anniversary teams.

    And that other asshole Lynn Swann being the greedy selfish prick that he is, has no problem being the Nikias “Yes Man” carrying out every underhanded insult, form of disrespect and blatant disregard that C.L. Max Nikias can show towards USC Football.

    Just as long as Swann gets paid all those millions of dollars a year and being able to get over on USC while he laughs all the way to the bank.



  9. And the Sunshine Pumping Clowns are in mid-season form, making every excuse and or blaming some other Trojan player as the cause of J.T. Daniels mistakes.

    Maybe J.T. Daniels being held back in the 8th grade by his father is the reason why he sucked last year. Once J.T. Daniels had to start playing against football players his own age it was a whole new ballgame.

    If only the Sunshine Pumpers could erase J.T. Daniels name from the record books where it lists him as the QB who guided the Trojans to that embarrassing 5-7 overall (4-5 PAC 12 Conf.) 2018 season record.

    Those Sunshine Pumping Clowns bantering back and forth with each other about how great they think J T. Daniels is…as if anyone is going to believe their dumb asses.




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