This Passes As Outside Help At USC

Clany Pendergast has former Dallas Cowboys coach Dave Campo overseeing the defense and offering advice as a “consultant.”

But here is the rub: Pendergast is notoriosly insecure. So he brings in Campo, who is 72 and no one will mistake as a candidate to become defensive coordinator.

In fact, other than 3 years at Kansas from 2012-15, Campo hasn’t even coached outside the NFL since 1988. He should fit in perfectly at USC.

13 thoughts on “This Passes As Outside Help At USC

    1. Another Insecure hire!
      You think Clancy will really listen to this guy?
      I think not!
      The problem with SC is that they don’t see and do what the Elite programs do..
      Their in this little bubble and think they’re going just fine!
      Maybe for Western Kentucky Football not
      USC Football!

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      1. You’re an idiot Jensen. Every elite program brings in consultants. But somehow when USC does it, you think of it as “insecure”.

        Interesting choice of words. Me thinks the real insecurity might reside in a person with the initials RJ.

        Good Day Sir

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  1. So bringing in a fresh set of vastly experienced eyes to see what he can see is somehow a negative.

    Perhaps if you had an experienced writer take a look at the crap you thought was writing somewhere along the way you wouldn’t be in your current predicament. Or maybe you’re right where you wanna be as an older lower tier
    blogger getting less relevant by the minute.


  2. Maybe Pendergast can bring in Monte Kiffin to teach him how to make second half adjustments using Kiffin’s infamous Cover 2.

    Nah, Clancy doesn’t run anything but Man to Man…no matter how many times Trojan DB’s get burned deep.

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    1. Who will these clowns trying to coach USC think of digging up next to give them some pointers?

      Campo and Monte Kiffin being old and senile could probably do a better job coaching USC than Clay and Clancy…BWA HA HA HA HA HA!


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