USC Afternoon Notes

I like that USC has a simple, new offense. So I want to revisit a play last weekend where cornerback Olaijah Griffin intercepted a JT Daniels pass in practice.

I asked a former Pac-12 defensive coordinator about the play.

“The quarterback misread the defense,” the coach said. “The defensive coverage changed and the quarterback didn’t adjust. The wide receiver didn’t adjust either.

“It also depends if in there offense you are supposed to adjust,” he said. “Maybe in this version of the Air Raid, they don’t normally do that.”

  • Does it matter that USC took a day off after two days of practice and Alabama takes its first day off after nine days?
  • Linebacker Brennon Scott of Dallas, who made an official visit to USC during the summer, committed to Kansas this afternoon.

27 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

  1. There is YouTube video of the great Roger Federer on the practice court as he begins to get ready for the hardcourt season. He is smiling because he knows his timing is off and he’s a little rusty…..

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      1. Other sites are reporting that, in spite of his athleticism, Sears is proving to be the most inconsistent of our QB’s….

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      2. “….why do we only here about the one JT threw?”

        “hear” you dumb ass, not “here”.

        And you’re always the one talking shit about how others spell incorrectly.



    1. Stole my thunder! Only Flow could misquote someone by not spelling something correctly that is so elementary. Goddamn hack.

      Flow – Go cover Alabama then! I would so enjoy hearing Saban chew your ass out so hard that you’d run right back to your mother’s bosoms.

      Flow – But how many stars was this potential recruit?!


  2. On the Petros and Money Show, Petros exposed Clay Helton as the fraud and liar that Helton is.

    Petros saying that Helton is highly invested in J.T. Daniels, (which we already knew) so much so that the Trojans scrimmage last season was scripted in order to give the appearance that J.T. Daniels had won the starting QB job.

    Petros saying that Daniels was going against 3rd string defensive players and that the 4 TD’s that Daniels threw in the scrimmage were scripted. In other words, Helton made certain that J.T. Daniels was going to throw 4 TD’s.

    Petros also said that this years so called, open QB competition is all a sham created by Helton. It’s a done deal that Daniels will be the starter…barring an injury to Daniels.

    Jack Sears is the best QB the Trojans have Petros went onto say. (Most of us knew that already too)

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      1. Fighton Long Beach wrote:

        “What are you smoking. JT is.”

        Yeah, have another drink.


  3. He also added, “This is just the start of there their they’re practices, so it’s no big deal. JT and the receivers should be able to get more comfortable and adjust.” Sw felt no reason to include those sentences, since they do not fit the narrative.

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  4. Aren’t practices basically dictated (length and number of) by the NCAA? As far as Bama goes, it seems to me that their players are peaking in college and not doing as well in the pros as they should be. After all, they get 15- 20 ESPN 300 players a year which means there should be way more of their players on NFL rosters. The discrepancy? My theory is that they burn out under the dictator. Give Helton this, except for Porter last year, players’ health and well- being seems to be a priority. Pudly gave great examples of Carr and Pittman not being rushed back too quickly.

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  5. CAL & SC Universities are 2 & 3 with respect to NFL salaries. Looking at Clemson/bama/Georgia/LSU/Ohio/Florida/Michigan/ND you’d have to wonder why any top notch player ANYWHERE would drink there their they’re koolaid. When you look at the culture biases out in those parts and the extreme weather, I gotta believe that some brand new Mustangs are parked at the curb.

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    1. It is small consolation that they (players that attend the aforementioned schools) peak in college and not in high school as a recent study amongst high school football players concluded.



  6. Sounds like you’ve never used a wrong word before.. Hopefully, I’ve posted correctly..
    You’re all past A students in Freshman English!!
    Give Scott a break!
    Hey, If you don’t like what he posts, go somewhere else, it’s a free country..
    You seem to wait for something to criticize and jump on the bandwagon. What are your Solutions?
    Do you really think the Athletic Department and USC’s Football Program doesn’t have any current issues or problems, despite not being anywhere sniffing in the Top 25 and its recruiting class ranked 59th, that’s right 59th,
    then you’re swallowing Swann’s and Helton’s new 2019 KoolAid mix.
    How can you justify USC’s Football Program’s current abysmal state?
    We all hope for the Best, but in this case,
    Best is maybe going to a minor Bowl Game!!
    Scott and Dan Weber continue to speak the truth about USC’s current decline in Rankings, Recruits and Coaching. They’re holding Swann and Helton accountable for their mistakes on and off the field..
    Please post your thoughtful suggestions about turning the Athletic Department and the USC Football Program around!!
    And remember, please do a spell check or you’ll be profoundly criticized!!!

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    1. Dont no wut er hoo u tocking 2, I think I will stay posting on this blog for the insight that MG, 67, Pud, 04, Cal75, Alv, Sam, Bucket, and Owns bring to the table. Love or leave it? Oh, OK.


  7. Bama has a real head coach and staff…Now, Kansas also has a real head football coach…
    SC? not so much, just a talker who can’t walk the talk


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