USC Monday Practice Report

USC’s first-team cornerbacks were Greg Johnson and Isaac Taylor-Stuart today. Olaijah Griffin, who has three interceptions, is on the second team but gave up a deep TD pass Monday.

QB Matt Fink was intercepted by Johnson. JT Daniels also had a couple near interceptions.

USC tailback Vavae Malepeai missed practice today with a sore knee. An MRI on his knee was negative.

Senior linebacker Jordan Iosefa suffered a knee injury and an MRI is scheduled for tonight. He and senior John Houston were splitting time at middle linebacker.

4 thoughts on “USC Monday Practice Report

  1. Great! Knee injuries on day 3 of fall camp! Jesus. Blame the S&C program, right, Flow?

    Side note: Any if you guys ever peruse Flow’s Twitter account? I did recently. He actually fights back in his own snarky way over there. Pretty comical.

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    1. Scott’s Twitter account shows more sides to the guy —including a caring attitude toward dogs without homes —-but the fun part is that Swann gets reamed on a pretty much hourly basis……mostly by former USC players…..

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  2. I talked to a current PAC-12 coach, who is also a former usc hoops and crew team member in addition to being a big USC booster that also has ties to USC athletics administration and sits on the board of trustees and expertly flys a stealth drone. His/Her drone film showed that the football team had a darn good practice today.

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    1. Talk to anyone who isn’t a Sunshine Pumper and they’ll tell you that Clay Helton doesn’t know shit about coaching…he’s clueless.



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