USC List Of The Day

USC secondary coach Greg Burns is getting good reviews inside the program for his coaching of the defensive backs.

Let’s hope his group’s actual performance fares better than his recent teams because this is how they ranked in passing yards allowed the past decade:

2010 ASU: 101

2011 ASU: 108

2012 Purdue: 63

2013 UMass: 42

2014 Cal: 128

2015 Cal: 92

2016 Cal: 84

2017 Cal: 113

2018 Oregon State: 101

16 thoughts on “USC List Of The Day

      1. Jon
        Always possible but the voters are mostly east of the Mississippi. PAC gets very little love.
        Most top 10 votes in everything go to SEC & Big Ten. I’m as far from a homer as just about anybody but its no coincidence that the rating is at least justified.


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      2. That is crap. Cal is a worthless football program. They don’t come

        close to the good secondaries in the SEC. You must be high on



    1. Don’t know who the first place finisher was, but Cockrell, the NCAA champion, is still only like the 4th or 5th fastest American hurdler at 400 m; Muhammad, Carter, and, my favorite, Sidnee McClaughlin, finished ahead of her at the US Championships.

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  1. Clancy’s man to man defense will leave the DB’s out on an island.

    Graham Cracker’s simpleton air raid offense will never fly or get off the ground.

    Clay Helton The Fraud running a Fake QB Competition tells you everything you need to know about how serious he is when it comes to winning.

    Hell, Helton had a Fake Offensive Coordinator last year in charge of coaching the offensive linemen and Helton knew Neil Callaway was shit and he kept him around anyway.

    This entire Trojan football program right now is nothing but a Gawd Damn Fraud!

    J.T. Daniels will be named the starting QB and that’s how you’ll know the program is fraudulent.


  2. Those team stats are amazing. Of course they’re completely wrong. (Passing Yards Allowed, which is a team statistic. Oregon St. gave up 254.9 passing yards per game in 2018.)

    What am I missing here? What stat is he actually trying to communicate?


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