USC Sunday Buzz: What Is Rush On QB Race?

Clay Helton says he is going to until at least this Saturday’s open scrimmage before he names a starting quarterback.

Why? The first week of practices had exactly two full-pad workouts. Those are not JT Daniels‘ strength but are the best way to evaluate how a QB will perform in an actual game. Jack Sears performs better in live, full-contact workouts.

But Helton seems ready to wrap things up when he says he might make a decision by next Saturday. And where is Graham Harrell in all of this? He might be the savior but let’s see what this alleged quarterback derby will test his character and give fans a chance to see what he is made of.

  • A week ago, I was told by members of the coaching staff that new defensive backs coach Greg Burns was a big improvement.

I will just remind everyone again after the secondary got burned yesterday how Burns-coach defenses ranked in passing yards allowed the past decade:

2010 ASU: 101

2011 ASU: 108

2012 Purdue: 63

2013 UMass: 42

2014 Cal: 128

2015 Cal: 92

2016 Cal: 84

2017 Cal: 113

2018 Oregon State: 101

28 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: What Is Rush On QB Race?

  1. I’ll take 2013 for $100, please.
    Now, on a more serious note —we’re gonna get burned for more long td’s than we have in a long time —-but I have a feeling we’re gonna get more interceptions than we’ve had in a long time, too. The best we can ask from a typically undisciplined Helton team is that they play with speed & enthusiasm on both sides of the ball —cuz they obviously aren’t gonna beat anybody on physicality or toughness. Their S & C guy said the other day he’s asked the players to get “more sleep—-cuz the pillow is their best friend.”

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    1. Some players are great in practice when they know they wont be hit and others play great in games. That being said, Sears deserves to start. JT is a china doll with bad footwork and no mobility/toughness. He was never touched at Mater Dei and it shows.


  2. Supposedly Graham Harrell left at the right time from North Texas. Seth Litrell said he was going to take over more of the play calling duties. He said that before Harell left North Texas

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    1. That was a rumor. And if it is true, then that would have been a bad decision on the part of Litrell. After Harrell showed up, UNT average 450 yards per game and 35 points per game. That was a huge improvement over what they had before. Litrell taking over the offense would have been a step backwards.

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      1. Litrell became the head coach in 2016 at North Texas. Strong offensive mind. Got the job at North Texas after being offensive corrdiantor at UNC under Larry fedora the year they had a 11-3 record. My guess is because Fedoras strength was his offensive mind not a head coach, Litrell took most of his philosophy form Fedora.


  3. In the past, Pendergast chose to leave the cornerbacks totally exposed. Not a good idea, unless there is a really good pass rush. This year, though, Trojans may have a really good D-line.

    But in any case, why hang a scrimmage performance on Burns, when it is Pendergast’s D, which gave up 42 TDs last year.

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      1. MG, in terms of defense, really hoping that it is a break out year for the D-line and Gaoteote. Perhaps he will be this year’s Nwosu. And that Harrell’s offense can deliver ball control when needed.

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      2. I think we’ll have a great d-line (as long as the starters stay healthy). And I think our wild west defensive backs will even out their blown coverages with plenty of interceptions (if the pac 12 refs let them play ball). As for ball control, that depends on what Drevno can do with the o-line….and I’m not so optimistic there, 67.

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      3. Yep, it all boils down to the O-line. Lots of zone blocking in the air raid, so perhaps there is a learning curve involved. But the false starts really have to be resolved. That has been a plague for years now.

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      4. 67 —I honestly (& naively) thought that Drevno would make it a matter of personal pride to —at the very least —-have his guys at the point where they weren’t HURTING the team with dumb penalties. (But I’m not surprised that Helton laughed it off —that’s what he did last year, too). If we’re in a bunch of first and fifteen situations against Stanford and Utah, it’s over.


  4. Call boy 75 hippie believed Trojan DB coach Burns is the end all be all when it comes to coaching up players for pass coverage.

    Then again, Call boy 75 hippie is an idiot…so there’s that.



    1. Why don’t you knock off the crap you spew about Pudly and Cal75? If they get sick of reading your stuff we lose two smart contributors……

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      1. MG,
        ObummerMcTrollshit is a ruin horse fly. No more, no less. My personal cell phone program has an ignore feature & anyone who speaks ill of PAC teams is ignored. As for the FOUR HORSE FLIES OF THE APOCALYPSE aka ruins in the shadows, they are always welcome to meet me in person this weekend. I’d be honored. I’ll be at the OC Event Center. With 10,000 other people. Go up to the registration desk and simply ask-‘where’s that SOB from UC Berkeley who sells guns & howitzers’

        ObummerMcTrollshit, 5’6″ pasty white trash. Come see me.

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      2. ObummerMcTrollshit has zero knowledge of me. But some people here do. No one has any background on the 4 horse flies of the apocalypse AKA ruin dotards, they’re embarrassed to step out of the shadows.
        I will leave with this, as a CAL75 grad in Chem, I have had an eventful last 44 years. If you want to meet me, come to a gun show. Next one next weekend OC. On my right is a USN NEC 5326, retired. On my left is a USAF command pilot from Wild Weasal VN, retired. I’m the sane one in the center. You want to see what you are up against with my wing men, google & youtube are your friends. I sell ordnance & firearms. My wingmen are who you need to be concerned about.

        The four trolls of the dotard ruins are pissant

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      1. What Owns said is ecactly right!

        “The fakest people are the ones that brag about being real”

        Hey Call boy 75, I’ll come see you.

        You said you were going to come down to the USC scammage.

        You DM me where you’re going to be on that day and we’ll see if you’re as big a talker in person as you are in the blogosphere.


      2. Just what I thought, Call boy 75 hippie is all talk.

        Sells guns and howitzer’s? The only thing that hippie sells is his ass.


  5. Irony here is that if someone said bad things about Burns, Scotty wouldn’t have looked for something positive to counter it.


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