Ex-USC Player Lawsuit vs. NCAA, Pac-12 Dismissed

Former USC linebacker Lamar Dawson‘s lawsuit against the NCAA and Pac-12 was dismissed by an apellate court because he argued they were his joint employers in college.

Dawson’s lawyers argued the NCAA and Pac-12 violated state and federal laws by not paying overtime or the minimum wage. USC was not part of the lawsuit.

5 thoughts on “Ex-USC Player Lawsuit vs. NCAA, Pac-12 Dismissed

  1. HBO did this documentary on, I believe, UW’s women’s basketball team. On one of the team’s road trips to a rival PAC 12 school, the players took long bus ride to the school, practiced once, played the game the following day, and, finally, took a bus back to school. They left Friday morning and didn’t get home until midnight on Sunday. Some players studied on the bus and had midterms that week. The NCAA counted it as 4 hours toward basketball related activities. I am not saying that Dawson or any other collegiate athletes are employees, but it is no wonder that these players feel exploited.


  2. Arturo,

    I can understand what they are saying, however, I am sure it was explained to a player before they signed, that they would experience such a condition that you had mentioned and other things that as a high school player, would never experience. However, their compensation is free tutition, room and board, a stipend, and all the exercise they want. Yes, players do receive a stipend, not much though.


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