USC Morning Buzz: Looks Like Miami Had Real Competition

Tate Martell, who transferred from Ohio State to Miami, and once paid for more twitter followers, cannot be happy today. Miami named Jarren Williams the starting quarterback this morning.

Martell should have gone to USC, where quarterbacks with a big reputations don’t have to really compete for the starting job because Clay Helton will just take care of them.

Martell has committed to Washington, Texas A&M and Ohio State. He has enrolled at two colleges (Ohio State, Miami). What’s next?

  • It doesn’t look like Olivia Jade is too worried about making people feel less sympathetic to her parents, who could face prison over the College Admissions scandal.

21 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Looks Like Miami Had Real Competition

  1. Tate Martell doesn’t fit today’s USC Trojan proto-typical view or profile of what a Trojan QB should look like.

    He would never have a legitimate chance to start.

    Bryce Young will find that out next year.


      1. Jalen Greene was highly recruited by USC to play QB.

        Greene was never given a legitimate shot at starting. Now Greene did make some game appearances for the Trojans. When the Trojans wanted to throw deep it was Greene they brought in to do so and he did throw some long TD passes with relative ease.

        And yet the word on Greene was that he was too inaccurate throwing the ball…which was total bullshit!

        So MG, go hump Helton’s leg on some other USC social media site, your blind love for him is not only embarrassing…it’s sickening.


      2. Okay —you’re right again. Jalen went on to win the Heisman as quarterback at Utah State …

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      3. At USC Jalen Greene’s freshman year he was 3 of 4 for 127 yards and a TD.

        Like I said MG, go hump Helton’s leg somewhere else and quit embarrassing yourself.


      4. A couple convenient facts

        1. Jake was stuck behind 2 NFL qb’s.
        2. When he transferred, he did so as a wide receiver.

        Sometimes kids change spots in college.


    1. Ha! [The smile is Pat’s, the attitude is Pat’s too —-but with Pat, the finger part is invisible]……


    1. Just to give you a sorta clue as to how much CBS knows about college football in California, two weeks ago they said it will be interesting to see how USC adjusts after losing “longtime Offensive Coordinator, Coach Kingsbury.”


  2. Oh wait, what…it was Jalen Greene as a true freshman playing against the Irish in South Bend that had to come in and tbrow the Trojans first TD pass of the game, 75 yards to JuJu Smith Schuster

    Oh yeah, but Jalen Greene being a TRUE FRESHMAN in that game wasn’t any good at QB…doesn’t make sense that Errand Boy would bring him in vs the NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH IN SOUTH BEND, INDIANA!



    1. Tebow, you made some good points (politics do play a role in everything, I believe) but it is difficult to take you serious because you insult everyone.

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      1. Civil cases involving the exact same facts get decided differently depending on whether the defendant is wealthy or poor…… so I guess you’re right, Arturo —politics plays a role in everything….

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  3. Same old blogger. You can never just observe and report without tripping up or pointing a finger at someone or something. That target being THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA who groomed you. Sadly. Yeah you learned from the institution that you take jabs at.

    What happened in that dorm room? What happened at lunch? What happened at the faculty mixer? Whatever it was let’s get to the bottom of this or you should talk to a shrink my man. And so you know there’s nothing wrong with seeking some help.

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