What’s Up With Bru McCoy?

USC wide receiver Bru McCoy has not participated in summer workouts or training camp for around seven weeks. Clay Helton said the first day of training camp McCoy had a virus.

Now I hear McCoy’s had a fever for seven weeks and has seen several doctors about it.

McCoy did take a photo yesterday for USCScoop.com.

15 thoughts on “What’s Up With Bru McCoy?

    1. Any news on eligibility?

      As an 18-year old, McCoy’s test on SPARQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness, the test a lot of NFL teams are now using) is the same as Odell Beckham, and higher than Tampa’s Mike Evans.

      No wonder Texas sent out 5 guys to try to convince him to stay.

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  1. So Bru “his pussyness” McCoy is pulling a cubed Migue.

    Mique was upfront and didn’t need a 7 week virus excuse to avoid fall FB practice.


    1. Owns, you know that I respect the heck out of you and the way you take on all- comers, but I don’t agree with you belittling McCoy even if someone across the aisle has done so to UCLA players (which isn’t cool either).



  2. It sounds like McCoy has picked up one of these diseases the doctors are having a harder and harder time killing with the antibiotics available. Sure hope he gets cured. God bless.


  3. “What’s Up With Bru McCoy?”

    Maybe he’s homesick again.

    “Clay Helton said the first day of training camp McCoy had a virus.”

    Yeah, a couple of years ago Helton said that Michael Pittman had an injury, that injury turned out to be news to Michael Pittman and his father.

    Turns out Pittman was just in Clay’s doghouse.

    Bru McCoy isn’t going to play this year anyway…so


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