USC Wants To Be In National Conversation

Here’s a Lynn Swann quote that received less attention today:

“We want to be in the picture and the conversation about the national championship, on the national scene.”

If Swann really wanted to be in any conversation this season why did he bring back Clay Helton?

USC might be better this season but does anyone think they can be n the national championship conversation? Has Swann done anything to make sure USC is getting closer to that?

Swann is right about USC needing to be in this conversation. But his actions belie his words.

10 thoughts on “USC Wants To Be In National Conversation

  1. Yes, Lynn HAS done something to get us in the national picture: He scheduled San Jose State without telling them (and cancelled Fresno State without telling them either)….

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  2. We’re in the national conversation right now with lispy Lynn Swann. But, the focus isn’t on USC winning anything. Instead reporters are reporting that Helton is on the hottest of coaching hot seats in the country. But hey, we’re getting pretty good press on the new cup holders attached to the cheapest of plastic seats in the Coliseum ! Those things will surely become the latest in football foot rests once Klown Helton and company debut their latest train wreck of a team.

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    1. Hey, dude. Take it easy on my fellow Padre and Trojan brother. Sure, he’s not the AD we need, but c’mon. “Lispy?” He make talk differently, but he’s not the King of the Lisp like our blogger, Flow.


  3. “We want to be in the picture and the conversation about the national championship, on the national scene.”

    – Lynn Swann

    Well, then Swann needs to fire Clay Helton and then resign his position as USC Athletic Director and let someone who knows what the hell they’re doing try and convince Urban Meyer to come out of retirement and fix the clusterfuck that Nikias, Haden and Swann created.

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    1. Nice thought, tebow —- but only in a John Belushi movie would an Athletic Director say “I wanna see us go somewhere this year —-It’s high time I fired myself!”


  4. USC Football is in the national conversation , because most of the College Football publications, have Bozo Helton on the hottest seat In Football …. LMAO 😂😂. That Dumb Fuck, Lynn Swann’s not paying attention.


  5. The only National Conversation about SC is how pathetic they are, compared to the past ,and it is going to continue with the way the fake head coach has them practice. Also the huge drop off in recruiting due to the fake head coach not developing the same earlier recruits, the best are going elsewhere.


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