Clay Helton Thinks 2 Quarterbacks Is Great!

USC coach Clay Helton was asked today if he was worried about having only two scholarship quarterbacks.

“I think we’re in a great position with those two kids,” Helton said.

The What Me Worry Coach thinks everything is great. So it must be.

  • Offensive tackle Drew Richmond did not play the second half because he was dehydrated. Guess the world’s greatest strength coach could prevent that.

13 thoughts on “Clay Helton Thinks 2 Quarterbacks Is Great!

  1. This morniong on Keyshawn, Travis & LZ re. USC Keyshawn said “Why wasn’t Stephen Carr used? He was 8 for 56 yds.? All they did was stick to that goofy air offense – 3 and out 3 and out. Suck the strength out of the defense and wonder why they barely won? Also that 4th & 2 play – not under center… so lucky they didn’t lose. All Helton does is sap his defense with that air offense., they never get a rest.

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    1. Now, why doesn’t surprise me Commie Lush would listen to anything Keyshuck might bray.

      Keyshuck was such an AH, Gruden kicked him off the team.

      Or, how about the time Keyshuck loudly brayed he was joining a team as a coach w/o the school’s or HC’s knowledge.

      Commie Lush + Keyshuck = Turds of a feather.


      1. Just Rent,

        I see that your Thug U writing skills are showing. You are writing worse than a third grader. Why don’t you try and write so we can understand what you are trying to communicate and stop trying to be Jim Rome reject.

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      1. So I doubt he was alone in that foolish assessment but what makes his comment this a.m. false? i.e. Nothing has changed since last year – 3 and out over and over – defense is gassed even the 2nd string – opponent gets their 2nd wind and game in the balance.

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  2. I guess you think he should come out and essentially tell his team that he doesn’t have confidence in their prospects now. Yes, I’m sure a good coach would do that. Right as always, Wolf.


  3. Ridiculous…….just ridiculous…….the reporters covering this dunce just keep believing this crap year after year and shoveling it……a gassed defense after 3 quarters playing a mountain west team……..we are all working out……getting strong…….they look so much bigger…….bull crap everywhere.
    The worst part is they know they are doing it. The reason this dunce is still here is that the reporters keep providing him fresh excuses each year. Even the ones who state that the excuses stop now.
    Scott is the only honest man. No relation… connection except fpr my appreciation of honest reporting.

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    1. Well that is why it is a shame TJ Simers is no longer around – he’d ask the hard questions and keep on asking. Dylan Hernandez wrote a blunt column in Sunday’s Times and Bill Plaschke has repeatedly stated Helton is an incompetent. The cobbled ‘SCNG’ – OC Register, Daily News, Daily Breeze, Press-Telegram, Enterprise – columnists allude to what a fool Helton is but for most of us one has to go to sports radio to hear anything approaching bluntness.

      The goofy but funny skit Matt Smith and Petros did today with the former acting as Helton and the latter as Sears was darn funny and Smith was the more amusing of the two. The setting was San Clemente – Helton forced to go down and ask Sears to return…it got so goofy that Petros began laughing at Smith’s stating his entire career was on the line.

      We need a TJ Simers – he’d light up Swann he’d go after Kelly and Guerrero…he’d hit Moreno for signing Pujols to that awful 12 yr. deal and bluntly ask Goff if he’d ever really be anything aside from what he is – average – same with Rivers……but oh how he’d hit Helton

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      1. T.J. Simers is the biggest jerk around. He never liked the Trojans.
        Pete Carroll let him have it one time after he wrote a derogatory
        column. A shame he got all that money as he and the times are crap.


    2. That’s why the usual suspects with their magical thinking come here trying to to shut him up. They think if they get rid of Scott Wolf the problems will go away.

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  4. Part of the reason the defense was gassed is because they don’t know how to tackle. If they had tackled the qb in the backfield instead of grabbing for air, they would have been off the field faster. But since they don’t know how to tackle, the qb was able to get many more first downs that he should have. But that is from Pendergast and Helton, choosing not to teach tackling.


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